Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun Weekend, so far

quilt show stash

Today I went to a quilt show in Robertsdale, AL.  It is held each year at the UMC and it is wonderful.  It is a combination new and old quilts.  I am always impressed with the workmanship I see.  Of course this picture is not of a quilt, it is what I bought at the quilt show.  I have wanted to make a black, white and yellow quilt and I couldn’t pass up the teal bundle.

And this week I got my Red Snappers.  I can’t tell you how excited I, and my arthritic hands were to get them.

red snappers

Here is the backing laid out and I am putting the snap part on.  A plastic “dowel” has been inserted inside the leader and I am now snapping the “snap part” on.  They are really easy to put on and if it hadn’t been for my forgetting to put the backing behind the tension pole, it would have been a snap, pun intended.

red snappers 3

All I had to do was align the backing on the leader and pop the snapper on.  And just think how easy it will be to take this off.  I am stoked.  flannel log cabin ready

Tomorrow I will be starting to quilt this flannel quilt.  I really need it since it is going to be 28F tonight, way too cold for AL.

ready-set-g0  See how ready I am.  Now all I have to do is decide which panto I am going to use. 

And when I get tired I will be trying to come up with something really cool to use my new 2 1/2” strips.  Isn’t quilting fun?


Janet said...

Yes, it is! I love the jelly rolls. So hard to resist those pretty colors. My daughter wants a black, white and teal quilt. I'm not sure of a pattern yet. I hope your red snappers are helpful. I love the colors of your quilt. We are all getting tired of the cold--all over the nation. Spring can't come soon enough.

Wilma NC said...

Watched a video on the red snappers. Does it make your roll bigger? I quilt on a frame with a Juki and I need all the throat space I can get. Let me know how you like them.

Lisa Marie said...

I have been thinking about getting the Red Snappers too. I have the Avante and I am soooo tired of pinning! So you think they are worth it? Please keep us updated once you you get this quilt finished and let me know what you think.