Monday, April 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

DW 4-11-11


My design wall contains 23 16 patch blocks, enough for a comfort quilt.  I am trying to decide if I will use white or cream as the alternate blocks. I plan a white or cream containment border and then a scrappy border, and then, a who knows border.  I will probably piece the backing and even have some of the backing left from the Egg Money quilt quilt.

Next to those blocks are two Underground Railroad blocks, the BOM from my LQS.  I found them to be really easy and quick.

And under them is my Journal Quilt for April.

April Journal 2011

I found making this was very interesting and different.  I saw it as kind of a picture of Spring in our woods.  Lots of green, sprigs of color, and frequent gray skies.

April Journal

This is the picture I like the most: aren’t my roses looking good.  All of the bushes are covered with roses.

I had hoped I would be showing completed blocks from the Heart’s Desire BOM.  However, I seem to have lost the applique pieces I had prepped.  So today, after I search for them one more time, I will be doing them over. 

This week I will have more sewing time.  One of my Weight Watchers meetings has ended and another is taking the week off for Spring Break so I will only have one to do.  I love leading these meetings but it will be nice to have more time with my machines.

Now, before you start sewing, drop by Judy’s blog to see what everyone else is working on.



Wilma NC said...

Your roses are beautiful. WW meeting ended? Our meeting had over 50 people this past saturday. It was a fun meeting. I've lost 16 so far!!!!

Pat said...

How nice to have roses already. We still have to wait a bit on that. Your quilt is nice. I've never done one with white or cream sashings and border but I always like how those look.

Judy D in WA said...

Oh how I love your roses. Mine still have a while before the buds even set on. Love the journal quilt. And your wall shows how busy you are! Love the 16 patches.

Bonnie said...

I like your 16 patches... are those 30's fabrics? They all seem to go together so nicely. And, roses are beautiful. Ours are leafing out but no buds yet.

Chris said...

The 16 patch blocks are great. I like the white background.

Your roses are also looking good!!

Kari Nitzel said...

I like the 16 patch blocks, very springy. I like the white background, I believe it will make the color pop more than cream.
Sure wish my roses were in bloom, but we are just nearing the end of winter here.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very pretty photos...lots of colour to enjoy!

Kate said...

Your Jounal Quilt for April is lovely, it definitely says,"Spring". Your roses look great. I can see the little buds on ours, maybe next week we'll have blooms.