Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall & Thank You

May Journal Quilt start

This is on my design wall today.  It is step one of my Journal quilt for May.  I don’t know if you can see that it is woven with two different blue fabrics.

MJQ next

And this is step two.


This will be step three sometime this week, that is once I work on all these little pieces a bit.  I think I am getting into this art quilt thing.  Next week I will show the quilt and what I am using for inspiration.

OPAM Winnings

Here is what I got from Australia last Friday.  It came from Peg Cohen, she is one of the OPAM administrators.  I have used OPAM to help me complete several UFOs and in February I won the drawing.  Here is a quilt pattern that I probably will use for a comfort quilt and four DMC embroidery flosses.  With all the hand embroidery I am doing on BOMs, I can really use these.  Thanks Peg.

This weekend was our great grandson’s 3rd birthday.

ready, set, blow

Here he is attempting to blow out the candles.  After three blows, his mother had to help him and then we could have cake.

Hydrangea starting


Now, last but not least, here are my hydrangeas, just starting to bloom.  Soon this bush will be covered in blue: how wonderful.

Now, it is time to go to Judy’s blog to see what else is going on in quilting land.


Chris said...

The basket weave is wonderful. I love the textured look.

QuiltSwissy said...

I love art quilting. Are you working with the bumble Beans's 15 minute play group? You should hop on over and check it out. I have freed myself from so many rules!


Marti said...

I love the woven effect and the flowing leaves. Your grandson is a cutie. Happy birthday to him! I can't seem to grow hydrangeas here, but I may have to try again. I love those big blooms.

Bonnie said...

Your basket is coming along nicely. Will look forward to see what else you put on it. Happy, happy BD to a special 3 year old.

SpinningStar said...

I like the basket - I'll have to try a woven project some day!


Alycia said...

I think you are getting very artsy! Love that quilt.

karenfae said...

my hydrangeas only have tiny blossoms on them right now - give them another week or two and they will be in full bloom.