Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Studio Wednesday, Yea!!


This has been a week of working in the studio, so far.  DH has taken a couple of small parts in the musical, Big River, and, besides his teaching schedule, has been out until after 10pm every night.  What this has meant for me is that I haven’t had to work within anyone’s schedule except mine.  So I have been in the studio all day, every day: what fun.  Of course sometimes one has to do the more mundane and today was one of those times.  I have a really nice, soft, light cotton nightgown that I love.  nightgownHowever, it is flimsy and today I had to sew up several tears in the fabric.  It is a wonderful gown to wear in the summer so I keep putting it back together cuz I haven’t been able to find another one to replace it.

applique mess

After that I worked on Heart’s Desire.  What a mess applique makes of fabric.  I finally decided that I didn’t know where the parts I had prepped earlier were so I started all over again.  And since Block 2 and the three Blocks 3 are very much the same, I made all of the parts at the same time.

Heart's Desire 1 & 3

Here are blocks 1 and 3 (3 is not quite all together as I can see two missing stems).  It really takes a lot of time to draw each of the parts and then press to the fabric (and remember to press to the wrong side), cut each of the little pieces out and then place them according to the pattern.   However, I think the next two will go faster as most of the pieces are ready.


There will be no studio work tomorrow but Friday I will be back at it and I hope to have all these blocks done by Sunday.  Then I can clean up the applique mess and go on to the waiting projects

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Michelle May (Shell) said...

That gown does look so wonderfully comfortable. I would keep repairing it too! Love these blocks Gari.
Hugs to you!