Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confessions of a Mad Housewife

Wasn’t there a book with a title similar to that?  Well, whatever, that is me today. 

First I must say that we have been eating healthier for the last few years and feel really good about that.  However, after the first 27 years of marriage, I made the startling discovery that I didn’t really like to cook.  I am a good cook but it just isn’t my creative bent.  Well, having said that, I recently bought a book called "Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook.”  What could be better: healthy, small amount of kitchen time, more time in the studio. 

The first dish I tried was pork chops with onion, apples and spices.  It tasted good but the chops were a little dry: I attribute that to the fact that they were really too thin but all I could find at the time.

So today was my second try.  receipe 

This is not only something I have never made but I have never eaten, but it sounded good.




I got busy dicing cabbage, slicing an onion and cooking and breaking up a can of tomatoes.  Doesn’t it look good.  And with the spices it was smelling good, too.  Then I went to the recipe to see what to do next.  Oh, steam some whole cabbage leaves….no problem.  And they steamed beautifully. 

Next step was to mix the egg with the cooked rice.  cooked it said. Well, I had the rice but it was not cooked and there was no time to cook rice today.  So, I quickly defrosted a pork tenderloin, added a few more spices and onion to the tomato mixture and all is now in the crock pot for a great dinner tonight.  Lesson 1: read the directions the day before to be sure everything is ready.  Lesson 2: read the directions again, all the way through, so you know you have everything before you begin.  And I always wondered why I don’t like following a quilt pattern.  I never learned Lesson 1 or 2.  However, when I get this posted I am off to the studio and won’t have to come out again until dinner is ready  Yea!!

I can’t leave without my pet picture(s) of the day. 


This is what I wake up to almost every morning, when she is not curled around my head telling me I am sleeping too long.  She is really a quilt baby.

Murphy & birds

And this is the excitement Mango and Mickey live with since Ms. Murphy came into the house.  We do keep the top of the cages covered so she can’t reach down to them and they have done a great job of staying in the middle when she gets curious from the sides.  Mostly she just watches them although she is able to open the food dish door so we have those closed off.  Smart cat means that we have to be smarter owners.  Not easy with a cat. Cat face


quiltingnana said...

love your comment about cooking...I used to think I liked it but have found lately that I would rather "crock pot"

Carol Sanin said...

Love the picture of the baby girl under the quilt:) My baby girl does the same thing. As for the cooking, I just through everything together and hope for the best. I guess it's worked the husband is still kicking! after 32 years!!!!!

Esther said...

Ha ha Mad! Yes, I'd always rather be quilting!

Winter is a great time for getting out of cooking as I usually get the slow cooker out in the morning and then forget about it.

The cabbage sounds good though! I always make it with uncooked rice and let it stew. The easier the better!