Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Its Progress, Here


It’s quilted.  I finished it this afternoon and am very pleased with how it has turned out.  Now all I have to do is make up the scrappy binding and this comfort quilt is good to go.



I used a panto and I know I took a picture of both it and the name but for some reason it didn’t make it so I will retake those pictures and share them later.



The quilting does not show on the back unless you look at it at an angle.  Usually I like that Winking smile but this time I had no tension problems or breaks so I would have been happy to have the quilting show.  However, since this will go to a child it is probably best that it doesn’t show anything, quilting or dirt.


When I finished the quilting I started working on the Underground Railroad quilt: I squared up the blocks and began sewing the sashing between the blocks.  As I walked into the sewing room of the studio I suddenly really saw what that room looks like.  016

You would have thought I would have noticed that mess before but I tend to just see what I am working on and not anything else.  Well, I took the picture so I would be so embarrassed that I would make time to find that table top, and the one you can’t see to the right.  There must be at least 4 projects scattered out in that space. 

However, when I turned to walk into the next room, the cutting a pressing room, this was what I saw:


Well, my goodness, there seems to be a pattern here.  So now, here is my dilemma, do I take some time to really clean this up or do I use that same time to get some sewing and/or quilting done.

Well, I guess I will take some time to ponder that question, so I’ll get back to you as to what my priorities are.  Be right back


Tonya said...

love the beautiful and the quilt in your header as sewing area looks the same, and honestly...I get more work done when it's a mess, cause when it's clean, i'm afraid to start something and mess it up..crazy, I know.

AnnieO said...

The tumbler quilt is very pretty and will surely make someone smile big!

My sewing area was getting to the point where I was having to move two or three or four things to find something else--that was my impetus to spend a couple of hours cleaning it up. But my sewing area is only half of a 10x12' room, so it isn't as daunting to clean as your big spaces! Hope you find a happy medium in there somewhere between creativity and clutter :)

Janet said...

I don't think you can have a neat sewing area while you are working on more than one project. I like to work on more than one thing, so I don't get bored with what I'm doing. Sometimes I need to take a break from one thing and work on something else to get back the "fun" in the project. I love that you showed your "mess". That is a lovely comfort quilt--it will be loved.

Wilma NC said...

My room gets like that too when I have a quilt on the frame, lol. The frame somehow ends up being a table when not in use, so every time I want to do a quilt, I have to find places for all the junk!!! So don't feel alone.

Pat said...

Now...don't think you should be any different than the rest of us! If you soon show a photo of a super-neat sewing area, you will just make the rest of us feel guilty, so keep that mess....we are all comfy with seeing that! :) (I only neaten mine up when I have to relinquish use of my "sewing room" to the grandkids since it is their bedroom when visiting us...otherwise, it is a perpetual mess!)

Carol Sanin said...

I don't want to be the odd one here:(
but for me I cannot start a new project until I've pickup my sewing and everything is put away???? Is there something wrong with me?LOL
However, your quilt is lovely:) and does it really matter how your room looks like you just have to think of it this way you created something beautiful:) HAPPY QUILTING.

Bunny said...

I am also odd have to clean before I start another project. My room is only 9x9 so it is necessary for me to do that.

Love the quilt and quilting.

Mary said...

It may be a tad messy, but you haven't seen my sewing space. Even so, your sewing room looks like it has a lovely setting. And you did a great job on the quilting so please do let us know the name of the pattern.

Glenda said...

If this is how you feel comfortable working then just enjoy it, life is too short to worry about tiny details like a mess. Now dirty that’s another story. SO just keep on been happy quilting in your nest!!!!!. Glenda

Ane Scherrer said...

Don't worry! It is a healthy mess! Great projects! Brazilian kisses...