Monday, September 12, 2011



This looks a lot like my last Design Wall post (2 weeks ago) but there has been progress.  The top two rows are all sewn (done after this picture was taken).  The rest is sewn into two piece blocks, ready to be completed.  I think this is going to make a really neat comfort quilt.




I got a little bit done on my Hearts Desire block.  These are the flowers for the block and some of the stems and leaves.  I still have several more leaves to make and a lot more other stuff.  And then I have to do the whole thing three more times.  I am really challenged by this quilt and have decided to slow down and only work on it a little at a time and spend more of my limited quilting time on other projects.

This past week I experienced the “end of an era.”  I did my last Weight Watcher meeting in Port St. Joe, FL.  I have been traveling there once a week for a year (365 miles round trip) and have loved it but finally both WW and I decided it was time for a change.  For the past 10 weeks I have been training the new leader and Thursday I left all the paperwork and products with her so now that wonderful group is her own. 


To celebrate the change on my way home I got something to eat and had my dinner at the beach.  I have been able to go to the beach every week for the past year: I will miss it.



And when I got home, this was what was waiting for me.  DH had gotten me flowers, the new cookies we like and a note that made me feel ever so good.


But I am  not done with Weight Watchers.  Tuesday I started leading two groups (9 am and 12 pm) and another on Saturday morning.  It is a brand new center so the groups are small ( 1 & 2 people) but we hope that they will increase with time.  It is exciting and I am only driving a little over 100 miles each day.  And I drive by two quilt shops and my sewing machine dealer.  Now how’s that for a great way to work?



And now for another  gratuitous cat picture.  I heard this funny noise and turn around to see this.  The container is where we keep the cat food.   Someone, it was me, left the top open.  There she was, tottering on a large plastic bowl, attempting to get into the container.  However, almost immediately after this picture was taken, down everything went.  What a mess.  But Ms. Murphy helped by trying to eat as much as she could before I could get it all up.  Wasn’t that nice of her?


Vicki said...

Pretty quilt, and I couldn't drive by that many quilt shops without temptations!!

Congratulations on training leaders and starting more groups! WW is something I haven't tried but many of my friends find it to be very inspiring and helpful.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the tumblers. I also like how some of the tumblers look like they are pieced from scraps...adds interest.
What a lovely DH you have to acknowledge your efforts!

Joanne said...

Oh look at those tumblers! This has reminded me that I have a tumbler UFO that needs to be brought out from its hiding place. Thanks and as your husband said "Congratulations on a job well done!"

marcella said...

Your applique is amazing! That is going to be one gorgeous project. Love the fun tumbling blocks.

What a great new commute you have :-) Hope the groups are very successful.

Kate said...

The hearts desire is going to be beautiful. The tumblers look like fun. Guess Ms. Murphy thought you needed a "cat-astrophe" to keep you on your toes.

Pat said...

GREAT photo of the kitty caught in the act of food-snatching! We had a calico cat once...she was a great pet!

Peaceful Piecer said...

Your tumbler looks great. I love the beach in the fall. The ocean has been so pretty here since Irene left.

Alycia said...

Lovin' that quilt. I am impressed that you drive by 2 stores///will power!!