Monday, September 19, 2011

Working on Finishes

This is the week I get everything, well almost everything, ready for finishing.


Tumbler ready for quilting

My tumbler quilt top is finished.  I put the backing together Sunday and here they are, resting on the HQ, ready for me to get the backing together and begin.  Of course that will also mean that I get to sit on the floor and go through all of my pantos to find a good one for this comfort quilt.



Underground Railroad-planning finish

And on the Design Wall?  Well, here is my Underground Railroad quilt, on the DW again.  I have all the blocks finished and have drawn up several layouts in EQ. 



EQ picture

This is the plan I have chosen, I think.  I have the border fabrics hanging on the DW and I have cut the 1.5” black strips to put between the blocks.   If I get the tumbler quilt set up on the frame I will cut the borders and begin putting this together, too.


If you look at the lower right corner of the first picture you will see the rack where I hang the completed tops.  I counted 5 already on there.  That’s when I decided that I needed to focus on finishes.  If I can get these 7 done I then will have some time for the current BOMs and the swap blocks I also have waiting for settings.   Wow, I seem to be way behind in getting things done. 

Saturday we went to a model train show.  DH has talked about setting up a train set for several years but mostly he has been collecting ideas and parts.  At the show he collected this.

cool DD truck

This is a toy Dunkin Donut truck sitting on a Dunkin Donut box (with only one donut left).  Someday it will sit on a road next to a great train layout.  Now it is just a reminder of the great donuts we had yesterday.

Now, grab yourself a cut of coffee and a donut and check out the wonderful quilting being shown at Patchwork Times.


Pat said...

I like the layout you showed for the Underground RR quilt! Good luck with your finishes this week.

Mary said...

It always feels so good to finish a project. Your Underground Railroad quilt is going to be beautiful.

Vivian said...

Congrats on getting your UGRR blocks done! I like the setting you came up with and the fabrics used and look forward to seeing the top when it's done.

I'm hoping to get mine quilted before year's end but no motivation so far.

Judy D in WA said...

LOVE the tumbler top! Isn't it fun to design the layouts in EQ?? I love the tiny black sashing strips.

I've never cared for Dunkin Donuts but now I am craving one! That is a very cool looking truck!

Quilter Kathy said...

I am a better "starter" than "finisher"...hope you meet your goals this week! I like the idea of hanging the tops on the rack so you can see them (instead of hiding them in the closet like I do!)

Bonnie said...

OOOHHH -- model train stuff can be addicting too. My dad was a big model railroad buff but never had much of a layout. That said, the car never was in the garage either. Your Underground RR blocks and setting are looking good.

Connie said...

Starting new quilts is always so much fun! Love the design you have figured out for the Underground Railroad quilt and is sounds like your husband is having fun with his hobby!

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Your tumbler quilt looks terrific. Your RR layout sure looks like it will work out great.

Rhonda said...

Wow, you've got alot going on. The Tumbler is one of my favorites and a great way to use up some of your stash.
I like the layout of the railroad blocks, too.