Monday, May 7, 2012

Fabric Play

OK, this will be a short rant:  I HATE PRE-WASHING FABRIC.  Here you see the fabric for one of the two block swaps I am in.  The first "rule" was to pre-wash the fabric.  Well, the washing isn't so bad but then there is the folding of wrinkled fabric, ironing the wrinkled fabric, refolding (wrangling) the fabric in order to cut it into submission for sewing. 

So, because I agreed to two swaps, I got to spend one entire day just doing the full washing routine.  I had planned on getting all that fabric cut but it just didn't happpen.         

The top picture also includes the embroidery that will be in the center of the blocks.  The embroidery is 5" and is tone on tone.  I have all 12 of these embroideries done and ready to be sewn into the blocks. 

In the second picture is the embroidery for the second swap.  These embroideries are 4" and I have 6 of the 12 done.  Everything is now cut for both swaps and I hope to be sewing them next weekend.

I also got all the fabrics ready for putting together my Carpenter's Star quilt but decided I needed to check the cutting directions first so that cutting will be done on Wednesday.

I put the dragon back on the wall to see if the fabric I had would work.  Well, I really like it but there is not enough.  So, I spent all Saturday afternoon visiting fabric stores, trying to find something similar.  It was a no go so today I am going to do some traveling with DH and visit at least 3 more before I go with plan B.  The funny thing is that I found a new fabric for the flames so I may be making them on Wednesday, too. 
For those who had checked in with me last week, I am feeling much better.  Since I was sick I have heard from several others that they have experienced the same "crud" I have had.  I still have some cough but it is so nothing compared to last week.  I am so happy to be feeling better and getting back to the studio and to fabric play.


  1. i pre-wash. all the time. i just come home from the fabric store and it goes straight into the washer. if you catch it early from the dryer it is light and fluffy and folds nicely. i never iron a big piece. i cut smaller pieces as i go. and right before cutting it gets a quick press. i know that it's not what everyone does. but it works for me. your dragon is aWesome!! fingers crossed that you find the perfect fabric.

  2. I'm a prewasher too but I do run a quick iron over the fabs if they are really wrinkly. My favorite thing is to pull them out slightly damp and then iron. BUT I've done a few things recently with unwashed fabric and I love how crisp it is... I maybe changing my ways....

    The dragon is wonderful... marvelous...

  3. I'm not a prewasher, yuck! All the extra things that you must do to get it "cut" ready. I've only had one bad experience with a bleed. It wasn't too pleasant I'll have to admit as it was from a small piece of fabric on an applique project which happened to be one of my first. Hasn't stopped me though in NOT prewashing. If in doubt I do, but putting one of those color catchers in the wash when/if you need to wash works wonders. Love how your dragon is growing. No fun being sick for sure. Sandi

  4. The dragon is so great and i hope that you find the fabric you are looking for! So glad to hear that you are doing better. And I have to say I am not a prewasher either because I use the color catcher sheets when I wash it.

  5. I sometimes won't sign up for a swap if I have to prewash. I am so much not a prewasher!

  6. Ya prewashing is not for me, for the very same reasons as you. But the quilts are going to be so gorgeous with that embroidery that you won't even remember pre-washing by the time those beauties are sewn together. And look at that dragon on the black fabric, WOW!!!! I hope you have good luck in the search. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  7. I am so glad you are feeling better.....please no more sharing. ;)
    Sometimes I prewash but mostly I don't. Whoever created color catchers is my new best friend.
    I cannot wait for Mr. Dragon to be on a background. Will he be hand or machine appliqued? It's been so fun to watch him come to life.


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