Monday, May 14, 2012

No-reply and quilting progress

No-reply bloggers:  Please set up an email address so I can address/answer questions.  I LOVE comments and reply to them all.  However, it is really discouraging to have thought up and typed a reply only to see that it is going to go nowhere.  I do try to remember to look at the return address so that this doesn’t happen, but it rarely ever occurs to me that someone would ask a question with no way for me to answer.  Now, on to the good stuff.

I had a very productive week.  Carpenter's Star 1

This is the beginning of my Carpenter’s Star for Judy’s quilting feathers class.  I got this fabric cut on Monday and sewn on Thursday.  I got it on the wall right away, just so I could have something new and different for Design Wall Monday.  Angel

Carpenter's Star fabric
These are my main fabric choices, all from stash. 

Carpenter's Star 2
Then yesterday, after a great Mother’s Day dinner at the Mellow Mushroom, I got most of the rest of the blocks cut and sewn.  I have cut the last 4 but they have to wait until today, after I get the laundry started.  (Don’t you hate it when housework interferes with being on a creative run?)

May Color fabric
But wait, there’s more.  On Monday I gathered the fabrics for the May Color Challenge.  See the banana fabric?  I bought that in January.  When I saw it I thought of the 0 point value of fruit, especially bananas, at Weight Watchers.  I was going to make something to wear to my meetings but nothing ever came to mind so now they are going to decorate my house.

runner & backing fabric They are now 2 placemats and a table runner for our dining room table.  Here are the tops, and the backing fabric, waiting to take their turn on the frame.  I think they are going to look great on the table during the summer. 

I also worked on another project, completing the top but since it is a gift I can’t show it for a while. 

Ugly Fabric
Oh, I did one more thing.  I collected my fabric for the “Ugly Fabric Swap.”  This was really hard for me.  I found that I have very little “ugly” fabric and what I did have didn’t go together at all.  I also found that I feel guilty sending ugly fabric to an unsuspecting quilter.  But those are the rules so off they go today.

And, off you go to check out Judy’s Design Wall.


Pat said...

Oh, yes....."no reply" bloggers are frustrating! Love your fabric choices for the Carpenter's Star...especially that green outer border fabric (since I am the GREEN QUEEN!!!)

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh dear...that banana fabric makes me crave bananas!!

Rhonda said...

You have been very busy.... LOL...... If you are like me, all throughout Mother's Day dinner I was thinking, I need to hurry and enjoy the meal and company and then I get to SEW........ LOL!

Vicki said...

Cute banana table setting!! Your capenter star is pretty, I need to get cracking on mine or I am gonna miss it!!

Kate said...

Fun bannana table setting. Love all the bright colors in those. Pretty Carpenter Star.

Bonnie said...

Love the banana table mats. Cute idea. Hum, Carpenter Star I guess I need to go back to see what Judy is doing with the feathers... something I might want to try to do. And, ut oh. I have that same fabric on the far right of your ugly fabric collection. I bet I haven't used any of it since I got it either! Happy quilting!

kwiltnkats said...

Hope you get the "feather" design that Judy will be walking you through. My look through DWM revealed several who are working at getting ready to learn how to master feathers. My laundry gets in the way on Sundays too! Sandi

Glenda said...

Well I agree your fabrics don't look ugly to me I'd be very happy to receive them, you can not of been quilting long enough to build up a ugly stash, I have some terrible ones but they all seem to come in handy for some thing. Cheers Glenda