Saturday, May 12, 2012

Non-quilty Pictures

This is what I woke up to one early Spring morning.  We live surrounded by trees and on all of the leaf trees there were these “webs.”

Some were small and loosely woven.

And some quite dense.


And some were quite pretty, like this one. 

I originally took these pictures to see if the camera could see what was in them but I still don’t see anything but the web fibers.  However, I have decided they were spun to house babies.  Now, I’m not fond of insect/spider babies but I was impressed with the security they were given.  Also to be noted, these webs were gone within 24 hours.

While I am on our nature posting, I will show you our outside cat.  We are not really cat people but living out in the woods, we tend to attract passing, and not so passing cats.  This is “Stubby.”  She has a 3” stub of a tail.  She lives on our deck and considers it her private domain.  We wondered how she lost her tail until she had 6 kittens last year.  Three had long tails and 3 were stubs.  Interesting, huh?  Anyway, we had her fixed and now there will be no more kittens from her.

However, we don’t seem to lack for wild cats and they continue to have babies.  This is the latest litter: 5 completely gray kittens.  They are just starting to eat away from mom so if we can catch them, and mom and dad, they will be transported to the shelter.  We hate to do that but we have “fixed” two cats, both living with us, but can’t afford to do that for everyone who stops by.  But aren’t kittens the cutest things?

And speaking of cute, here is Momma’s little helper.  Notice that her paw is right on the curser pad.  It isn’t that she wants to do anything on the computer (see her lack of attention to the screen) but she seems to want me to not do anything, too.  It’s a good thing I think she is so cute or she would be bumped off in a hot minute. 

Well, the clock needs winding and the studio needs some sewing attention so I will get off this computer and get busy.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I have two black and white tuxedo cats like your patio kitty. Merlin has a long tail, and Delilah has a 3-4 inch tail. They are brother and sister.

loulee said...

You 'stubby' cat and her kittens have a genetic disorder, similar to Spina Bifida in humans. Investigations into the famous 'Manx' cats of my own island have shown that they carry the same gene.