Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mid Week Lack of Sewing

This has been the week of tying up loose ends.  We finally got our income taxes done and in the mail.  I always feel so much better when that task is complete.

Then today I had an appointment with my doctor.  I have put off seeing him for a time but since I have experienced a few episodes with my heart I decided it was time to get back with him and get back on the medication I had kind of stopped taking.  Actually I started back on the meds a couple of weeks ago but needed him to renew my long overdue prescriptions.  And the news today was that my heart sounds great and all is well, if I do what I am supposed to do.

RewardAs a reward I took myself to the Village Inn for eggs benedict.  And, luck me, it was “free pie day” so I came home with a piece of lemon pie to share with DH.  Maybe I need to do the right thing more often.

new batiksThen, as a further reward for good behavior, I visited the largest fabric store around.  Here are two pieces of batik (on sale) that will go into the stash, probably for applique.  But look at how many colors are in the bottom piece.  I can feel the little gray cells working on how to use this.

Backing FabricThese two pieces, also on sale, were purchased especially as backing fabrics for two quilt tops I already have completed.  Backings seem to be what keeps tops from getting quilted so now at least two will have no excuse.

3 in a cageWe are making progress with the cats.  Here are three, of 5, that now quickly jump into the cage to eat.  I think we are going to have success carting them off soon.

BloomingLastly I submit my blooming Christmas cactus.  I am so impressed: one full bloom, one almost bloom, one large bud, and, as of now, two small buds.  Every day I get more excited about this little plant and what it is doing to brighten up my life.

Now, after half a week with no sewing, I think I am going to have some dedicated studio time.


Mary said...

I'm so glad you got good news and also that you rewarded yourself! My Christmas cactus is blooming too. Its blooms are white.

Kate said...

Glad that all is well on the health front. Hope you got some serious studio time in.