Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Quilting

greening up nicelyWe are well into Spring here in the South.  These are the trees at the front of our property and aren’t they filling out nicely.  We have several shades of green and even when it is raining we have a nice “rain forest” cover to take our daily walks through. 

string placemats on the frameBut I haven’t spent all my time out in the woods.  After a couple of days of laundry/housework and deck/reading I finally got back into the studio and put my string placemats on the HQ. 

quilting down each stripInstead of appliqueing them first, I decided to sew down each strip as part of the quilting process.  The idea also was to work on my control as part of this process.

sewing down each stripIt can be readily seen that although all the strips will eventually get sewn down, control is not yet achieved. 

close up 2
I did some pebbling in just a few spaces and then small wavy lines in the rest with larger waves on the outside.

close up 1I really am pleased with how they turned out.  I have already started the binding; it is gold and I will show them on Monday.  All of these strips came from my Funky Chicken applique so these are very bright.  I have scraps coming from the fish (bright) and the owl (mostly brown) so there will be more placemats.  We use them all the time so more is more at our house.

sleep buddiesWhen I was a child you were either a cat person or a dog person and we were only dog people.  But in this home we are both and so are the cats and dogs.  Each of these two have chosen this recliner as her own (or maybe it is the throw) but sharing is not out of the question.  My, they sure do make me smile.

Our hearts hurt for the people of Boston.  DH was born just south of there and spent his high school years in Boston so we have a special love for the town and it’s people.  Our prayers have been and are being said for those affected by this atrocity and for those who are working so hard to find the perpetrators. 


Edit:  Linking to Nina's Creative blog.


Julianne said...

Interesting project

QuiltSwissy said...

I love the string project. And it is good to gain control, you are so right and having fun at the same time. I too, smile when the boys lay against each other. The Swissys did not do that, they were totally independent. The Bassets seek warmth, you or another body!

Sylvia said...

I love the string idea! How fun it is to use scraps in an art piece (even if they are practice and place mats!) We are dog people, but understand some are cat people and some are bi. Nice that the two can get along!

Nina Marie said...

I like this idea - you could really play with values too and sheers - overlapping them and getting shading - this just looks happy and fun!