Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mid-Week Progress

quilting done
Today I finished the quilting on this little table topper.  It is the first time I have quilted swirls and they were much easier than I thought they would be.

Star in the sunshineThere was even sunshine so I could get a great shot of it

binding startedI even got the binding sewn onto the front.  I am trying a new, to me, way of doing the binding using a fancy stitch on the front.  But that is a job for tomorrow.

Fred-April 2013I did re-dress Fred today.  He is now wearing a navy middy in honor of my father who’s birthday is in April.  When I bought it I looked all over for the white hat to go with it but never could find one.  I’ll keep looking but today I realized that I don’t know how I would keep it on his head.  Anyway, he has changed chairs and is now sitting on the rocking chair DH gave me as a Christmas gift.

We have been having beautiful weather.  I have spent quite a lot of time on the deck with a good book.  And when it has been not so nice outside, I also have been playing with EQ and EQStitch.  You know, retirement has been so much fun.  In a couple of months it will be 7 years since I retired and I still marvel at how much I  enjoy it.

Have a good rest of the week!   Gari


Kate said...

Your table topper turned out beautifully, the quilting looks lovely.

We finally got a bit of nice weather, it's still a bit nippy to sit outside, but it's at least warming up so we don't need the winter coats.

Bunny said...

Your quilt is gorgeous great job quilting.

Ruth said...

I retired a bit over 6 years ago, and I also love it! However did we go to work?