Monday, June 24, 2013

BOM’s and a Finish

teapot #11The first thing I got done was this month’s teapot.  I was really excited to get this done because when next month’s comes out I will have them all and be ready to plan the quilt’s setting.

finished teapotsThen I looked at this temp. wall I have set up so I can make sure I don’t use the same fabrics over again.  And I counted and only came up with 9 finished teapots.  Now, I have looked “everywhere” for it but can’t find it.  I couldn’t believe I had not made all of them but finally went back through my blog to find which one wasn’t on my wall.

Feb 2013 TeapotAfter a blog search I found this picture of the missing pot.  At least I know I made it, now I just have to figure out what I did with it.  I am usually so good at keeping everything together, I wonder what happened.  Anyway, I will keep looking until the next one is done and if it hasn’t been found, I guess I will make it again.  Sad smile

JRQAL doneThe next thing I worked on was the binding for this Jelly Roll Quilt a Long quilt. 

JR cornerI am so glad I decided against borders.  I think the binding right on the blocks is just right.

JR with backingAnd it even looks great with the backing fabric.  And now it is ready to give hugs to a teen girl in foster care.

Gingerbread Men patternThis is a fuzzy picture of my next project.  This is a “BOM” being featured at the Fat Quarter Shop.  Actually, I think they post a new segment every other week, but I am three weeks behind so I am not really sure. 

gingerbread men partsSo here are all of the parts cut for the gingerbread men.  Mine will all be the same fabric with some differences in the bows.  All that being said, I really don’t like having to cut up all those little pieces (1 1/2” squares), but it had to be done.

Gingerbread men startedNow with all those little pieces in hand, I started sewing gingerbread men.  This is how far I got yesterday but I hope to actually see gingerbread men by the end of today.

Sadie on hammockPart of the reason I didn’t get more done was because Sadie made me spend time on the hammock with her.  Puppies can be so pushy.  Winking smile

And the most important thing this morning is that today is my mother’s 91st birthday.  And I am hoping that she has received my package because I am going to share her gift on the post.  But first I must tell this story. 

I had a plan for her Mother’s Day gift.  I got ready to make it and the device I needed to make it all work, the printer, didn’t work.  It took me a month to get it working well enough to print pictures with the right colors.

Mother's Day picturesSo finally the pictures got printed, first on paper and then on fabric.

Pillowlet and birthday bowlWhat I made was this little pillow.  It is to be an attachment to a pillow I made for her a few years ago that had pictures of her two children, our four children, our then six grandchildren, and one great grandson. 

side 2And I put pictures on both sides because I just love this one.
The bowl is a chicken and is her birthday gift.  Mother collects chickens and this seemed perfect for morning cereal and/or lunch/dinner soup. 

     Happy Birthday, Mother!


Rhonda said...

Happy 91st Birthday to your mom and what precious gifts. It is very special to be able to enjoy your mom because moms are, as the kids would say, "all that"
Your teapots are the color for the misplaced teapot, I do that all the time only to fine it stuck under another project.

QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! 91, so wonderful!

Love our teapots, hope you find them all! LOL. It is probably in my quilt room hiding with my outhouse blocks!


Quilter Kathy said...

What a fun post to read! Hope you find the missing teapot...did you look beside the cream and sugar? Ha!
Love the jelly roll pretty and a unique setting for those blocks.
Happy to see you are joining in on the Christmas quilt along...have fun making gingerbread people today!

Bonnie said...

Wonderful blog. Great idea to add to the previous photo pillow. Did you have your little tea pot around some batting? I found a piece of one of my projects attached to a piece of batting the other day. Luckily it was a scrap quilt and easy to cut something else for it. Great stuff going on at your house!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your MOM!!!!! I know she must love the gift, I love the idea of the little pictured pillows, how darling!!!!!

GREAT finish on the quilt, I like it without borders!!!!

Melinda said...

Cute pillow. Happy birthday to your mother!

Anonymous said...

Love your quilts and those teapots are gorgeous. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who loses integral parts of quilts I have started! Hope you find it.

Annie said...

My Mom had a small collection of tea pots, but not a tea pot quilt. I may need to make one in her memory. Love yours! And a Happy Birthday to your mother!

Kate said...

What a fun little pillow. Happy Birthday to your mom. Your teapots are looking great! Enjoy your new project.

Bunny said...

Adorable gift for your Mom she will love it. You have been lousy this week for sure adorable teapots.

Denise :) said...

Gari, your teapots are darling, just darling!!! :)

LynCC said...

Hey, Gari - did you ever find the missing pot? I've still not found a missing panel from my Beachwalk project. Driving me nuts! Love the floral teapot at the top. :)