Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slow Week

I think I have given up on being productive.
fish 6
I did get the fish #6 from the BOM.  It really is fun to pull them all out and then look for different and yet coordinating fabrics. 

And don’t you just love that mouth?  I think I remember seeing that pout on at least one of my children when they were young. 

This fish won’t be appliqued down until at least August so in the box he goes for an at least 2 month sleep.

I also drew all the pieces for the next owl BOM but decided to wait to choose the fabric until next week.

barn sides readyHere is what I will be working on this weekend.  It doesn’t look like much, does it?  But this stack is of 5 paper pieced blocks all printed with the fabrics lying on top of each.  All I have to do is cut the paper pieces apart and sew the fabric on to them.  I still need to hunt up the roof fabric for the barns which I have decided means a fabric hunting trip.

After getting everything ready to work in the studio this morning, DH decided we should head for Pensacola to check off some errands that require a visit to the “big city.” 

good picOur first stop was Navarre Beach, where we used to live and had planned to stay when we retired.  See those waves.  We only get them when there is a tropical storm or hurricane in the Gulf.

looks like a paintingYou can’t see them here but out in those waves are surfers.  There are a lot of them around here but they rarely get a chance to surf in big waves.  The important thing to realize is that Andrea was over 250 miles away and yet she was really churning up our beach.

bestAnd I can now say that Summer has truly started.  Here I am under our Mimosa tree which has started to bloom. 

flowering mimosa
All of the flowers are way up high right now but soon they will be all over the tree.  I really do love this tree and look forward to it leafing out every year. 

Now I am off to get a little rest so I can be ready for a full day of stitching tomorrow. 


Kate said...

Love Fish #6! That pout is great!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Terrific fish!