Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I’m On A Roll

DTH gingerbread menHere we see the beginning of my interpretation of Deck-Aid The Halls by The Fat Quarter Shop.  These are my gingerbread men, the first step.

DTH starsAnd this is the second step, stars.  They are only 4 1/2” and are supposed to be attached to additional strips of white.  However, once again I am already thinking of ways to make changes, to make this my own.  In fact I am thinking of how I can make it very personal for someone else.  Think, think, think.

cat pillowThen, as a complete departure, I made this pillow for DH.  The “newspaper” page was quite long so I wrapped it up and over the inner pillow.  DH picked out the fabric and asked for a pillow: it is really nice to be able to make something for him that he really wants.

applique doneI also started stitching the applique on my owl blocks.  I am appliquéing them with black thread and a new, to me, stitch.  I am not sure I like it as it is 4 stitches forward and then a bite into the applique.  I may go back to the one I have been using. 

The last thing I have worked on so far this week is the beginning of the backing for the Funky Chickens top.  I am doing it in strips and hope to have it on the frame by Friday.

I don’t know how long this surge of energy will last but I hope it keeps going for a while longer.

Have a great week,  Gari

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Quilter Kathy said... caught up really fast...looks great!

Kate said...

You've been on a roll. Love the owl and your gingerbread men are really cute.

LynCC said...

I'm loving the Deck-Aid project - very fun to watch!