Monday, June 17, 2013

Mostly on the Road

Starting on Thursday we were mostly on the road.  We drove to Atlanta Thursday afternoon and spent a great evening with our oldest son, his wife and his youngest son.  We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel and were there almost 2 hours, talking and laughing, until the sirens went off.  Seems that the storm, which we were not paying any attention to, was spawning tornados.  Fortunately for us none came where we were but there were others in the Atlanta area that were not so fortunate.

Cobb County Quilt ShowThen Friday morning we got up and went to the quilt show put on by the Cobb County Quilt Guild.  It was in the Civic Center and the quilt show was laid out on the lower floor.  Oh, my, what a wonderful display of quilting.  I didn’t take too many pictures because I plan to buy the DVD, but we did spend a lot of time looking.  And the guild had a lot of their members there to help with information and lifting up the quilts so we could see the backs and the quilting even better. 

This was one of my favorites: it was done from a photo.

looks like Skylar
And both DH and I liked this one because it reminded us of our great grandson when he was playing T-Ball this Spring.

In the area above the show itself (see top photo again) that runs around the whole room, were the vendors.  Well, DH sat down while I worked my way around all of them.  I had a great time and spent a little bit of money.  I will be getting pictures of my finds for Wednesday’s post.

By early afternoon we were tired and hungry so we left.  We were initially going to try to find an antique mall but after following one highway until it “dead ended” with no re-routing us to stay on the highway, we decided to get back on the interstate and head for home.  Of course we did find an antique mall (read $$) just inside Alabama so we had a good time traveling as well as the quilt show.
Saturday DH picked up our eye ailing puppy (she was boarded with the vet) and then we hit the road again.  One of the major stores in Pensacola was having a suit sale and since DH hasn’t had a new suit in over 20 years we decided it was about time.

Cheddars 1
While there we tried out a new, to us, place called Cheddars.  Well, this is their spinach ‘n cheese dip and it is wonderful.  The red stuff is salsa which DH loves and he said it is the best he has had.

Then came Shepherd's Pie.  He had never had it before and said it was great.

Grilled Salmon
I had a grilled salmon steak, broccoli casserole, and an apple salad, all of which was delicious.
We did not try to have any dessert: way too full.

suit shopping
Then it was suit shopping.  I don’t pick out his clothes nor do I voice much of an opinion.  I feel he needs to like what he is wearing as well as feel comfortable.  He, on the other hand, feels I should be more involved.  Funny man.

insides for swing cushions
We also picked up supplies for me to make new cushions for our porch swing.

cushion fabric
And this is the fabric I bought for the cushions.  I do have to say that I have never made cushions before but that is on my project list for June/July.

barns on the wall 2
But first things first.  Sunday I finally got into the studio and did some sewing.    On the Design Wall are the 5 barn blocks for the Funky Chicken top.  Only one is complete: the other four have most of the parts done.  I didn’t get through because I started to make sewing mistakes so I decided it was time to stop before I really screwed it up. 

I spent about 20 min. in the pool to de-stress and then DH and I went to DD’s house for a seafood dinner prepared by our DSIL.  He is a great cook so we love being invited over.

Today is laundry day but I hope to get the barn blocks finished so I can figure out what fabric will go with them to make a great back for my chickens.  Then I hope to figure out my thread breaking problem on the HQ and get the current quilt on the frame done.  Oh, and did I say I am also moving furniture on the deck?  Going to the quilt show has really inspired me in so many directions.  Whew, I’m tired already.


Jessica said...

Eric can always get my advice! I give it to Todd unsolicited! ;)

Bonnie said...

Wow! You've done so much recently. I used to belong to East Cobb Quilt guild 20+ years ago. I wonder if it is the same guild with a new name or a new guild. So was Cheddars a chain or just in the one locale? I want some of that dip and salsa. My gf just made a couple of pillows for her porch. I loved the way she made them. They are pocket pillows and take about 3 seams. I need to find the video on how to make them on You Tube or at least directions on the internet somewhere. The barns are coming along really well.

Rhonda said...

The barns are looking great. Love seeing you progress along the way.

Melinda said...

I am really liking your barn quilt blocks. There was one in the show with blocks inserted in houses. I think I will add this to my list.

For Bonnie (above) - the East Cobb Quilters' Guild has been in existence about 31 years and this was our 14th biannual show. We had a great time.