Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything Except Quilting/Sewing

Block Centers

Well, except for these little blocks.  These are the sides for the next 4 barns.

barn pieces ready

And here are all of the pieces for those barns. 

I didn’t get to start sewing them: it seems that there was very little “studio time” this week.  Every time I thought I had time to play in there I would get a call from DH saying he was coming home early and inviting me to go to lunch, go for a swim, and/or to do some shopping.  It’s a good thing we enjoy each other’s company.

We will be doing some visiting for the next two days so I’ll be doing some barn raising on Saturday.  Hope the rest of your week will be as much fun as we plan to have.


Bunny said...

Cute blocks, enjoy your lunch and shopping.

Kate said...

Enjoy your visiting. I'm looking forward to some stitching time over the weekend too.

Melinda said...

It was great to meet you today. I am so sorry we didn't have time to visit more. I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.