Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Little Visit

IMG_3559 This is the view from my mother’s new bungalow by a small lake in FL.  Isn’t this a peaceful way to wake up in the morning?

IMG_3560And looking in another direction.  She has four large windows so can choose her view.

IMG_3558She even has a screened deck so she can sit outside without dealing with any bugs.  I am so happy for her!!

IMG_3561We have been celebrating her 92nd birthday for the last three days.  Today we stopped at a place called Fat Jacks and sampled their Rubens.  These were her idea and they were great.  Then we traveled a couple of miles to another place (forgot the name) for pie with ice cream.  Not a bad way to celebrate, right?

green worsted socksAnd of course I am knitting while here.  I am working on the foot part of my worsted socks (rib on top and SS on the foot bed).  I still am not sure I will ever again do a provisional cast on I can see that it leaves the toe stronger than other cast on’s.     I also have completed two dishcloths but did not take a picture yet.

I will be leaving tomorrow morning.  Mother wants to have breakfast out but with a 9 hour drive I probably will just leave from here.  There are a couple of places I would like to stop on the way and it looks like I could, again, hit some heavy rain (100 miles of solid blinding rain on the way down) so I need as much time as possible in order to get home before it gets dark.  I am always afraid that once it gets dark I will get sleepy, especially after a long drive.

I hope everyone has had a productive week and I’ll be seeing you again Sunday night.   Gari


Lindah said...

I do think your sweet mother has the right idea on the way to celebrate her birthday!
And she obviously is a smart real estate cookie, too. I need her to help me find my retirement home.

Ramona said...

I hope your drive back is going well. Glad you had such a great visit with your mom. Her views are wonderful! It's always great when I get to spend time with my mother. I was thrilled when she moved closer to me after being 8 hours away for years. Love the color of your socks!

Judy S. said...

Nice socks! Safe travels home, too. I love the photo on your header. Your mom looks like one lively gal!

Dar said...

Happy birthday to your momma. She looks like she's enjoying her meal and her home is lovely. Your socks are looking good, but I couldn't tell. Did you do the toe up pattern? I tried a crochet cast on tonight and it's not bad, but I got lost trying to put the stitches on 4 needles after that. Couldn't make heads or tails of which needle was what! What type of provisional cast on did you do that made the toes stronger?

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a great visit. Your mom looks like she is ready to do anything and go anywhere. Good for her! Your socks are looking great. I know the drive home must have been tiring but I also know you are home and ready to get to quilting again. Do you listen to audio books as you drive?