Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ready, Set, Go

almost packedI am almost packed for my weeks visit with my mother.  We will be celebrating her 92nd birthday as well as doing some shopping and visiting.  She recently moved into a new house so I am excited to be seeing it and, if necessary, helping to unpack some of the boxes.

3 knitting projectsI also have packed three knitting projects: green socks (just started on the foot), brown sweater (working on the yoke), and dishcolths (bought new yarn).  I probably won’t get a lot done  but if we have some just sitting time I can keep my hands busy.

I also have completed the laundry, did the dishes, watered all the plants so that pretty much all DH has to do while I am gone is care for himself and the puppies, cats, and birds.  And this is why you see him resting
while I was getting it all together.   Be right back

IMG_3544And speaking of being busy, I started working on my replacement for the HSTs some of the owls were surrounded by in the designer’s layout.  First I cut strips of my tree fabric.  The strips are longer than the background fabric: you will see why soon.

IMG_3545I then backed the end sections of the top and bottom strips with fusible and cut out the dark parts, not an easy job, by the way.

first frameWhen I was done this was the frame I came up with.  I am so excited at how this came out.  As you can see there are only 6 owls that will need frames so with one down we are on our way, again.

baby quilt boundBecause I have another quilt to put on the frame I decided to finish this little baby quilt.  It is not a very large quilt, based on how much fabric I had, so I decided to leave the tumblers uncut. 

bindingOf course that meant that I had to bind all those angles.  I guess I really like a challenge cuz it was one.  And I used leftover 30s binding (I keep using that fabric but I can’t use it up  Sarcastic smile)

labelI even got the label on it.  This quilt is going to a student of my husband’s so I didn’t put my name on it, just the date.  The baby isn’t due until October so this one will have to wait a while to be loved.

pick a shelfOn a completely unrelated note, here is Stubby, sleeping in his 4th floor loft. She can be found in any one of these shelves which keeps her up and away from the dogs when they are out on the deck.

So I will be up early tomorrow to pile everything in the car and hit the road.  It is about a 9 hour drive, longer if I stop at a quilt shop or antique mall, so I need to get an early start. 

Have a great week and be sure to check in at Patchwork Times.     Gari


The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Your birch branch frame for your owl is fabulous! What a marvelous idea, and how you've achieved it works really well. Have a good trip -

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE OWLS! The frames are perfect. Have a wonderful week visiting your Mom and I hope there is a little knitting time that can be squeezed in . Great projects.

Judy D in WA said...

Perfect fabric for the frames! I honestly thought you were holding the twigs. :) Have fun visiting with your Mom, happy birthday to her.
Can't help smiling every time I see your header picture.

Melinda said...

Great frame for the owl. Drive safe and have a wonderful time with your Mother.

Bonnie said...

that's going to be a great frame for the owls. Lots of work but well worth it. Have a good time with your mom.

LynCC said...

Hey, Gari :D I hope you're enjoying your time with your mother! And: WOW!!! I super-totally-completely love what you've done with the interwoven tree fabric on the owl block!!! Fantastic idea that I would not have come up with, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...
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Glenda said...

Dear Gari it is lovely to see you gorgeous owls that I love so much have this wonderful setting they will be so so happy in it. So yes it is worth every minute you spending giving it to them, Cheers Glenda PS Have a wonderful time with your mum you are so lucky to have her still and able to enjoy her company.

Corina said...

Love the owls!

Jessica said...

That birch fabric is really rad! I love what you did with it!

Margaret said...

I love your owl!
Enjoy your mother while you can. Mine would be 113 this year.
The porch perch is quite a clever idea.

Bunny said...

OMGoodness I thought you were playing in the woods with branches LOL. Your owl is fabulous. Love it and your baby quilt is adorable. Have fun with your Mom.

Kate said...

Love the frame for your owls! It's going to be another spectacular quilt.