Sunday, June 8, 2014

Off The Wall

My Design Wall entry this week is this completed quilt top currently laid out on the HQ frame.  I am really pleased with all the color on this one and I am especially excited with the border fabric.

love bordersIt took me a couple of days before I could cut into it.  It is directional so I couldn’t use it in the blocks but I think it is perfect for the borders.

IMG_3520I thought it was funny that I had to decide a top and bottom for this quilt (not necessary on a D9P) because I had to decide how to handle the top and bottom borders.   Each of the borders has the owls going in the same direction.

Now it is time to quilt but I think I will be buying new backing fabric for this: I am thinking light blue Minkie.  I already have the binding fabric so sometime this week I will make the binding just so I will be ready with the backing fabric is found.

browns collectedI spent some time today collecting brown fabrics.  I think there are a few more hiding around here but I need all I can find so I can pick the fabrics for my last 4 applique owls.  I also need to work on how I am going to frame the ones that originally were to be surrounded by HSTs.  I have a couple of ideas but will need to see if I have the fabric to carry them out.

new best friendAnd lastly I want to introduce you to my new best friend.  DH bought her for me and she has been so good to me, helping me to get around more easily.

I am doing much better but really need the cane.  It is funny that sometimes when I am working in the studio I forget that it is hard for me to put my weight on one leg and then have to hobble around to find where I left the cane.

I have my trip to visit my mother planned for two weeks from now so I am really hoping that I continue to improve.  Mother and I like to go out to eat, shop, and go out to eat and I would hate to hold her back.  Laughing out loud

My plan for this week is to set up the owls, start a new pair of socks, and cut fabric for two more baby quilts.  I also need to begin designing labels for these quilts.  I am still reading sweater patterns but hope to have something started before I leave for Mother’s.

As usual I will be liking up with Patchwork Times’ Design Wall post.  Now, have a Great Week.   Gari


Podunk Pretties said...

That border fabric is perfect for this quilt. Love the fact that you gave a HOOT about the direction of the owls. It makes a big difference in the finished quilt.

AnnieO said...

Very cute quilt! I love orange but so many people have a great aversion to it! Cute owls.
Sorry you're in need of a cane, hope you heal quick :)

Kate said...

Love the border fabric in your quilt, so very cute. Hope your hip/leg don't give you much more trouble.