Thursday, July 31, 2014

Needle Magic

we have sleevesThe magic is that I have gotten just past the sleeves: can you see them?  Now I will be just doing SS down the body until  I get to the band. 

I did finish my socks today.  I love how the fit and feel.  I am going to start another pair as soon as I find my other worsted weight yarn. 

Judys magic bind offCan you see the bind off?  It is Judy’s Magic Bind Off which makes for a very stretchy bind off.  For some reason I had difficulty getting my fingers to follow the directions.  But after a little while of working it I could see what the yarn was doing and it was easy.

scarf progressAnd I am moving along with my scarf.  I started over with a thinner scarf, one that will fit around my neck better.  I am about a third of the way done and really liking it.  I didn’t realize that there would be bands of color change until I took this picture.

I didn’t unravel the wider piece I showed last week, I bound if off and am using it as a lap piece under my laptop.  It is about the size of a placemat and fits the foot of my Surface which has been making grooves in my legs.  Smile with tongue out

Oh, and I completed another dish cloth. 

IMG_3648This is a picture of a bobcat moving dirt in our back yard.  We had 5 trees taken down and the stumps ground and then they filled all the holes with that mound of dirt which is now a flat piece of ground. 

However that was not the best part of the day.  The son of the owner of the company asked me how much I would charge to make some children’s charity quilts.  He said his son has leukemia and has been given some quilts when he is in the hospital.  He said he would like to “pay it back” with quilts for the other children there.  I offered to make them for free but he insisted he wanted to pay for them so we will be negotiating sometime later.  I can’t tell you how good it made me feel to be able to assist him.

Well, it is time to link up with Patchwork Times and begin our weekend.  Hope everyone has great plans and they all work out.  Gari


Anonymous said...

Your knitting is lovely! What a privilege to be a part of making a different for a child! Keep up the good work.

Judy S. said...

Love the color of your sweater! Is that a Lady Kina? If so, you'll love it.

Dar said...

You have become a knitting fool like me. lol I like the sweater (couldn't make out the sleeves) and your socks look warm and comfy. I'm still working on my purple variegated sock but getting close to the toe. Can't wait to start sock #2.
What a nice thing to be able to make quilts for kids in need. It is a really good feeling.

Kate said...

I still love those socks, such a great color. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.