Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Finish, An Almost Finish, and a Beginning

sleeves done & new socksI almost have a sweater: the sleeves are done and ready to be put on.  And, like with almost everything I do, I am stalling because I am afraid it won’t look good.  But I know I can’t just have two sleeves lying around like loose body parts so I guess I will be sewing them on the body this weekend.

And also there in the picture is the yarn for my next socks.

small startI guess this is a pretty small start but you have to start somewhere and here I have the cast-on and the set-up row for the toes.  I have been using larger needles for the last couple of weeks so my hands are having to adjust to how small these are.  Always a challenge.

pockets almost doneI started working on the pockets and have them almost ready, also.  You know, I may just have a sweater before the end of the month.

doneBut while I wait on that finish I must show today’s finish.  These are the softest socks I have made.  They are the only reason I am looking forward to cooler weather.  Be right back

morning napNow, if anyone is looking for good help around the house I can recommend these two.  This was the scene when I got out of the shower earlier this week.  I guess they got tired of waiting for me.  And they didn’t even make up the bed!

My plans for the weekend are to finish my pockets and begin mattress stitching the sweater parts together.  I also plan on buying two bookcases as part of my new wall of fabric:  I must get all that fabric off of the cutting table so I can get going on quilting projects.

And I hope your plans are to check out other people’s knitting projects over at Patchwork Times.    Gari


straythreads said...

the sweater looks really warm and great colors! love the socks! have a great weekend

Ramona said...

Your socks do look warm! And YAY for a finished sweater soon!

Judy S. said...

Sleeves take forever, I think, so hurrah for working on them. Love those socks!

Kate said...

Love the socks! They look nice and warm. Good luck with the finishing steps for your sweater.

Mary said...

Love your socks. Your sweater will be great, can hardly wait for the finished picture.