Monday, October 31, 2011

DW, kind of & Giveaway Reminder

DW:  My DW looks just like it did last week.  All I did on that quilt was press the 5 log cabin blocks, as far as I got.  Every day I planned some sewing time and every day I got sidetracked.


On my Design Ironing  Board is some of the applique prep I did get to work on, a little, this week.  I prepped 5 blocks of this BOM and had planned to get them on the background squares: Sunday was going to be my sewing day.  I even announced this plan so I would be left alone with my “muse.”  Didn’t happen.  DH and I went out for breakfast and then he decided that he would get my birthday gift “now.”  Since it was an iPad2, how could I say “but I want to sew.”  So off we went and didn’t get back home until time for dinner.  So the above is all that I got done all week.  I really hope to do better this week.

Now, don’t forget the My Memories Suite giveaway, the “rules” are on the third “here” below.   I have shared my insights on this digital scrapbooking software here, here and here.  My aim, since I don’t scrapbook, was to see if this software was something a quilter could and would use.  I really like what I can do with it and am happy to share with other quilters. 

I will be drawing the winning name this evening and will notify the winner by email.  If don’t win you can purchase the software at and if you use my code (STMMMS26911) you will receive a discount.  So, everybody, join in and find a new way to use your quilts (or hobby, or family, or pets, or whatever).

And after you have checked out my giveaway, go on over to Patchwork Times to see other quilter’s beautiful work.

I will be

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Memories Suite Giveaway

OK, I have played with this digital scrapbooking software for the past two weeks and I think it is great.  And remember, I don’t plan on doing scrapbooking.  However I have found several uses for it:  journaling the process of my quilts (or other crafts, someday),printed labels for my quilts, and Christmas cards.

This is my try at the journaling of a past quilt:

Practice piece 1-001

It was so easy to set this page with the pictures I already had.  And this layout only took me about 30 min. even though I haven’t used any of the tutorials that can be found on the My Memories webpage.  One of the neat things is that you can create an album of several pages for each quilt or project you do, you do not have to have everything on one page like I have above.  You also can make the pictures any size you want and can crop the pictures right in the software.

I would show you my Christmas Card plan but, unless I come up with something better, I will be using it this December.

So, anyone want to win a copy of My Memories Suite?  If so, please visit the My Memories web page and look at the different layouts available.  Then leave me a comment on this post telling me which layout you like the best.  On Monday I will be picking a winner.  And, if you don’t win I will have a way to purchase the software at a discount so don’t miss this opportunity. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Something New on the Design Wall

I try to work with some sense of organization: 1 new project, 1 UFO, and 1 charity quilt.  Right now my new project is Christmas so I can’t share it.  I just finished a charity quilt so I need to figure out what I want to make next.  And last week I finished a UFO, see this post, and so the next one is on the DW. 

 Deco blocks

These blocks are also from an internet swap with embroidery centers designed from Nita’s Place.  Once again I have had them sitting on a shelf for a couple of years.  I have paired them with several different fabrics but always they seemed too “bland.”  As my readers may already know, I am partial to lots of color so nothing has seemed right. 


However, a couple of weeks ago I bought some precut 2 1/2” strips that are various shades of cream and I decided that maybe with some log cabin blocks I could make a very calm cream quilt.  So here you see the embroidered blocks



Log cabins begin - Deco

and I have started on the log cabin blocks.  It will be fun to see if I can keep a bright color from sneaking into this top, won’t it?


A week ago DH suggested we pay a visit to Sears.  We have not shopped there in so long I could not figure out what he was interested in.  Well, we headed right up to the TV section where we investigated 3D TVs.  We didn’t get one but the rest of the week found him on the computer doing research with occasional outbursts of information.  By the time he had finished his research all of the TVs in our area were sold.  Did that deter him?  Oh, no.  Saturday we went to our local Sears and ordered a new TV, DVD/Blue-Ray   player and 2 pair of 3D glasses.  They are supposed to be delivered early next week which gives us this week to rearrange the furniture to place the TV where I have always wanted it (a deal we made before I would agree to this purchase).  This should be a lot of fun, both rearranging the furniture and watching 3D movies and sports at home.

Now, for a bit of color you need to go on over to Patchwork Times where color abounds.  Rolling on the floor laughing

Friday, October 21, 2011



I got it quilted and I am so happy with it.  This quilt is now called FREEDOM.  The blocks are from Eleanor Burns’ Underground Railroad book and was a BOM this year at my LQS, Three Notch Cottage Quilt Shop.  The layout is mine and I was able to sash and border it with fabrics already in my stash. 





The quilting came out so nice and really seems to fit the freedom concept of the quilt.




Yesterday I sewed the binding on to the front.








Of course it is always a wrestling match to do this as big quilts take up so much room and have to be moved around a lot.


I didn’t start the other side of the binding because I needed to make the label first.  So this morning I opened the My Memories software and began experimenting with it for that purpose.  Labels-001

And here is what I came up with.  I created the label in the software and then saved it as a jpg.  I can then copy it and paste in Word and print it on fabric.  I am really excited about this new way of doing labels.  It is easy and fast, something that sometimes is necessary.  Maybe this means that all of my quilts will have labels, ya think?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blank Design Wall

Scott's Quilt-001

So today I am sharing three things: my newest creation using the My Memories software (giveaway coming next  week), the above completed quilt top, and further down the quilting I am currently doing on my batik Underground Railroad quilt.

First, I really am enjoying the above software.  I am beginning to be more creative in how I document the process of making my quilt tops as well as the backing and quilting ideas.  For each project one creates an album in the software so it is set up to be able to have several pages with both pictures and “journaling” which I call words.  I have several earlier pictures of this top in process so will add those to the “album” and hopefully will have a finished product by the time this quilt is quilted.  Then, as I have just begun working on some Christmas gift ideas, I also plan to start albums for them which I can’t show you since occasionally family members read this blog.  Laughing out loud  I will, sometime this week, begin working on a label for this quilt and we will see if the software will allow us to be more creative in this area also.



Quilting on the Underground Railroad is coming along nicely.  As of last evening I have completed a little over half of the quilt.  I am quilting it lengthwise, 107”, so it takes me quite a while to do one pass. 



This is the pantograph I am using.  It is somewhat complicated as there are several switchbacks.  Just about the time you think you are moving along toward the end, the thing takes you back in the direction you came from. 



I really like how the teal thread looks on the different fabrics.  I use a poly thread so it shines on the darker fabrics and blends or shows off on the lighter fabrics.



This is the panto I am using.  I found it at a guild sale table at a quilt show ($1) and I really like how it looks on my quilt.




And what is this, you might ask.  Well, this is the stage set for Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain.  We went to see him Saturday night.  We were not allowed to take pictures during the performance so I shot this before he came out.  I have to say that I have always enjoyed Mr. Holbrook’s performances but this was wonderful and I now have a new appreciation for Mark Twain.  If you have a chance to see this performance, run, don’t walk, to get your ticket.

I hope to work on my Christmas gifts, finish quilting URR, make a backing for the above quilt, plan a setting for another set of swap blocks, and get caught up on my BOMs.  Opps, I think I am setting myself up for failure.  But if I can get a little done on most of them, I will really be happy.

And another thing that makes me happy is visiting Judy’s blog at Patchwork Times and seeing what other quilters are making.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Memories Suite

50th Anniversary-001

I have never wanted to be a scrapbooker.  Our children are all grown and 3 of the 4 live a long distance away so we don’t get to be with them or their children often.  However, a new program that offers digital scrapbooking has come along and I think it is going to be a great way to document my quilts, pets, travels, etc., as well as a way to create some really interesting quilt labels and maybe even to add some visual interest to my blog (as if it needed it, huh?).

Above is my first try with the My Memories Suite.  In this page I am using a premade template that comes with the software (there appear to be hundreds of them).  I was able to manipulate everything on the page that was already there and to add my own “stuff.”  If I read the opening page right, when I have become more familiar with the software, I will be able to create my own templates but for now, using what is there seems best to me.

What is also cool about this program is that I can save my page, print my page, and/or post or email my page. 

I am going to play with this for a week or two and then My Memories Suite is going to let me offer one for a giveaway.  I will be practicing and plan to be posting about it a few more times before the giveaway.  Stay tuned to learn and get excited about this new creative software.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Design Wall 10/3/11

DW 10-2-11

This is my design wall for the first Monday in October 2011.  These blocks are from an internet swap a couple of years ago.  I have had them on the wall a few times with no certain idea of what to do with them.  This week I decided they will be a gift and began the design process in earnest. 


URR plan

First I put the blocks out on the wall and, of course, move them around several times.  Then I decided on the sashing and borders.  Originally I planned to have the sashing, which is also the second border, be just that fabric.  However, when I put it on the wall it looked way too busy.  Using the cornerstones, made from the first border fabric, calmed down the already busy center.

I have the center rows sewn together, not an easy feat since several of the blocks were poorly made, and am ready to sew the first border. 

All this sewing will have to wait.  I have a new WW meeting to lead on Monday and two on Tuesday and since I have to travel a little over 100 each day I will probably only be up to feeding the animals when I get home.


Speaking of animals, we seem to have a new one here.

6 mo old

Meet our newest member (?).  We found her a little over a week ago, wandering the streets in downtown.  We have placed ads in the newspaper and on the radio and visited the two vets, attempting to find where she has come from.  The plan is that if no one has claimed her by Tuesday, she will become part of our family.  We have not named her yet, that would mean she was staying and we don’t know about that, yet.


our two doxies

Here she is with Abby.  We figure she is about 6 months old but we will know for sure when we take her to the vet for a check up and shots next week.







scrappy binding

This is finished.  And I got it done before the end of September.  I really like the scrappy binding and it almost finished that 30s fabric.



ready to quilt

I did get the URR on the frame.  The backing is a batik fat back I bought at MQX in 2008.  It has been sitting around, waiting for a quilt to come around that fit it and finally it did.  I can’t show it yet since it is all rolled up on the pole, but will later. 


needs a plan

Now, if I could just come up with a plan for the quilting.






And now, one last picture.  This is for people who think we have no Fall color in the South.  This is a maple tree that is just beginning to turn.

fall color 2011

This poor thing was cut down a few years ago and this is what has grown out of the stump.  It is about 15’ tall now but has about 7 small trunks.  I don’t know how this effects it’s growth but it makes a very pretty sight in our very green yard.

And now it is time to pour yourself another cup of coffee or tea and hop on over to Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are up to.