Saturday, February 20, 2016

Knitting Along

 As of today I am almost done with the sleeves of the Milo sweater.  I will then be ready to block the pieces and put them together.  I think I will have it done in time to not need it until next Fall.  The good thing is that I always need something in the Summer due to the air conditioning in most restaurants. 

I have been working on these socks but only a couple of times a week.  I am really happy with the matching stripes, something I rarely can accomplish.  And since these are the second pair I have been able to get from this yarn they are really another pair of leftover socks.

 I was a little worried that they might be coming out too small but then I stuck my fingers in and they really expanded to just the right size.  Since taking this picture I have knit three stripes more so I am almost ready to start the heels.

 We did have a little excitement here last Monday.  A storm blew over and around 5:30 pm we lost electricity.  About an hour later our daughter and son-in-law arrived saying "your driveway is gone."  It seems that a couple of cedar trees had fallen.  Looks impressive, doesn't it.

 This is what the trees looked like the next morning.  Our neighbor things a small tornado took them out: one of the trees did look twisted off.
This one was pulled right out of the ground. 

We had to drive around the pile of trees on Tuesday but on Wednesday the "tree people" were here for 8 hours cutting and cleaning up the debris.  

I asked them to leave me the trunks as they are very straight.  I am hoping to get them cut into planks that we can do something with: the wood is beautiful.  I also had the men cut me two slabs from one of the stumps and hope to have small tables made from them. (pictures to follow).