Monday, April 29, 2013

Scraps and Quilting

scrappy log cabins
Moving right along.  Every time I got tired of quilting on Henrietta I would work on these blocks.  Now they are done and I have begun adding the sashing. 

Henrietta quilted
And, Henrietta is quilted  (earlier individual blocks can be seen here).

block 7 (2)When I had all that empty space it was really hard to not quilt feathers.  Funny thing is that once I learned how to quilt them I want to put them on everything.  Flirt male

block 8

I did little freemotion shingles on the roof and curtains on the windows. 

block 9And this is the last block.  I put a vine of leaves, lots of different leaves, to go with the acorn. 
Today I hope to get the binding on so it can get hung before the end of the month.

Lots of people have been making lists of UFOs, WIPs, etc., but I don’t because I hate to feel pushed by my project friends.  However, what has happened is that they, along with scraps, have taken over my studio and there is no space to work anymore. 

So…..on May 1st I am taking a week long break from sewing/quilting and I am going to devote my time to cleaning

Part of my plan is to relocate all non-quilting fabrics to free-up space for quilting stash.  If I get a lot done, I think I will put in some time sorting my scraps. 

I will be linking up with Patchwork Times so everyone can see all the wonderful work quilters around the world are working on.

Have a great week,  Gari

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This has been the week of Henrietta.
Henrietta block
I started the quilting with this block.  And this is my attempt at McTavishing.  I am going to have to watch the DVD again.  However, I think it kind of looks like the wind is blowing.

Henrietta stippleHere we have the Acorn Lane stipple and a small piece of the border quilting.

Henrietta block 2This block just had loops along with the outlining of the appliques.

Wavey lines

The third block got wavy lines, up and down on top and side to side on the bottom. 

sq in sq flowerThe square in a square blocks have continuous curves and a flower in the center.

009On this block I did wavy lines again but this time they followed the jumping squirrels.


For the basket block I used echo quilting. 

020The last block I’ve gotten done got a basket weave quilting pattern.  I did mark a grid but the markings were all gone by the time I got to the end.

I have three more blocks to quilt but need to spend some time coming up with three different fillers for them.

021 I am using batting scraps for this quilt.  It has taken 4 strips, plus a couple of small pieces to patch the holes.  I find it very interesting that in the areas that are quilted I cannot see or feel where the pieces overlap.

placemats completedEven though this is not part of Henrietta I did want to show my finished batik scrap placemats.  They are so pretty that yesterday, when we were having sloppy joes, I turned them over just incase we “slopped” on them. 

Well, that’s about all that’s going on around here.  I have a couple of other projects to work on so probably will not get back to Henrietta until the weekend.

Have a great rest of the week.  Gari

Monday, April 22, 2013

On and Off the Wall

Henretta - what was I thinkingOn the Design Wall was Henrietta Whiskers, a Bunny Hill BOM.  The center was completed over a year ago and then put on my “completed” rack.  Every time I saw it I thought it was ready for quilting so on Saturday I took it off to measure so I could prepare the backing.  Was I ever surprised to find that it only had two borders sewn on.  So up on the design wall it went.  And, then I said “what was I thinking?”  I love orange but it just didn’t look good with this top.  So off they came and I started thinking up a new plan.

007I found these two fabrics to join with the orange.  The plan: small darker border, orange border and then the wood like border.

Henrietta on FrameHowever after putting the first little (1”) border on I decided the quilt was finished.  It is the perfect size for a wall hanging and I have the perfect wall for it.

Henretta backingI already had the backing fabric so before I could overthink it, off to the frame it all went.  I didn’t start the quilting but will this week.

006I did spend some time at the sewing machine and got all the applique sewn down on the Owl wall hanging.  It will probably be the next thing on the frame.

Quilter's HammockI found some time to enjoy my  quilter’s hammock.

Is it time to get up yetAnd even time for Abby who, every morning, pokes her head out of a quilt to ask if it is time to get up.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Gari

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Quilting

greening up nicelyWe are well into Spring here in the South.  These are the trees at the front of our property and aren’t they filling out nicely.  We have several shades of green and even when it is raining we have a nice “rain forest” cover to take our daily walks through. 

string placemats on the frameBut I haven’t spent all my time out in the woods.  After a couple of days of laundry/housework and deck/reading I finally got back into the studio and put my string placemats on the HQ. 

quilting down each stripInstead of appliqueing them first, I decided to sew down each strip as part of the quilting process.  The idea also was to work on my control as part of this process.

sewing down each stripIt can be readily seen that although all the strips will eventually get sewn down, control is not yet achieved. 

close up 2
I did some pebbling in just a few spaces and then small wavy lines in the rest with larger waves on the outside.

close up 1I really am pleased with how they turned out.  I have already started the binding; it is gold and I will show them on Monday.  All of these strips came from my Funky Chicken applique so these are very bright.  I have scraps coming from the fish (bright) and the owl (mostly brown) so there will be more placemats.  We use them all the time so more is more at our house.

sleep buddiesWhen I was a child you were either a cat person or a dog person and we were only dog people.  But in this home we are both and so are the cats and dogs.  Each of these two have chosen this recliner as her own (or maybe it is the throw) but sharing is not out of the question.  My, they sure do make me smile.

Our hearts hurt for the people of Boston.  DH was born just south of there and spent his high school years in Boston so we have a special love for the town and it’s people.  Our prayers have been and are being said for those affected by this atrocity and for those who are working so hard to find the perpetrators. 


Edit:  Linking to Nina's Creative blog.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Small Projects

what in processWhen I went to bed Saturday night this was what was sitting on my “design ironing board.”  Even then you could see what it was to become.

ready for stitchingBut how much better is this?  And it is on the real Design Wall.  It still needs applique stitching but I am very pleased with how he looks.  He is currently a free design at Justquiltin with Denise Russart.  Mine is going to be smaller because he is destined to fit on my bedroom door: he kind of looks like I do when I am on my way to bed each night.  He is made with batiks (sound familiar?). 

CD table topper completedEarlier this week I finished the binding on my Carol Doak tabletopper and have put it to work.  It is a little small for our table but it does brighten up the room.

placemats ready for frameNext up on the HQ are my batik scraps placemats.  Here they are, hanging on the frame so that I can’t forget to get them going.

placemat backingI found this fabric in my stash (leftover from someone else) and the colors are very similar to what is on the placemats so it is to be the backing for them. 

Beautiful Spring dayI had a very hard time getting into the studio on Saturday.  It was such a beautiful day I put the hammock out and then got on it.  What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  Every so often I would put my book down and think “I really should get in there and get something done.”  Then I would swing a little, pick up the book and stay where I was.

Sunday rainHowever Sunday was very different.  This was what our weather looked like.  As of 4pm we had had 3” of rain and I had had a good day in the studio. 

4 yo Poinsetts-red leafOne of the interesting things I found on the deck this week was this red leaf.  This is a 4 year old poinsettia plant and for some reason it is putting out a red leaf (actually 2).  I thought one had to hide the plant in the dark for a long time in order for this to happen but I guess not.  Anyway, I guess this means that the plant is happy, and so am I.

I am linking up with Patchwork Times

Have a great week,  Gari

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mid-Week Progress

quilting done
Today I finished the quilting on this little table topper.  It is the first time I have quilted swirls and they were much easier than I thought they would be.

Star in the sunshineThere was even sunshine so I could get a great shot of it

binding startedI even got the binding sewn onto the front.  I am trying a new, to me, way of doing the binding using a fancy stitch on the front.  But that is a job for tomorrow.

Fred-April 2013I did re-dress Fred today.  He is now wearing a navy middy in honor of my father who’s birthday is in April.  When I bought it I looked all over for the white hat to go with it but never could find one.  I’ll keep looking but today I realized that I don’t know how I would keep it on his head.  Anyway, he has changed chairs and is now sitting on the rocking chair DH gave me as a Christmas gift.

We have been having beautiful weather.  I have spent quite a lot of time on the deck with a good book.  And when it has been not so nice outside, I also have been playing with EQ and EQStitch.  You know, retirement has been so much fun.  In a couple of months it will be 7 years since I retired and I still marvel at how much I  enjoy it.

Have a good rest of the week!   Gari

Monday, April 8, 2013

Opps-Very Little Sewing/Quilting

The Plan:  Spend a lot of time in the studio sewing, quilting, and designing. 
What Happened:  Spent a lot of time on the computer, sitting on the deck-reading, and general procrastinating.

block quiltingI finally did start quilting my Carol Doak table topper (seen here).  And on Sunday I went from the feathers and swirls to some ruler work on the star.

020I have never been good with rulers but have decided that the only way to get even a little better is to work with them.

018So that is what I am doing.  It seems really funny that the part of this quilting that is easy is “feathers” which less than a year ago I was afraid of trying.

april boms

Over the weekend I did get two BOM blocks fused. 

april teapotHere is my April teapot: it is the 9th so we have only 3 more to go.  I guess it is time to begin planning the layout since I already have a place for it.  Right now it looks like layered fabric but when the stitching is done it will blend together.

Here is Rhonda’s.  Isn’t it neat how fabric makes such a difference?

april fishAnd once again I had the opportunity to dive into my batik stash to come up with a unique fish.  And the funny thing is that I have already started thinking up a unique setting plan for them and we still have 8 more months to go.  Pooh!

So, what did I do with all my other extra time?
Tools of the trade

Well, I got all of these tools out.

up off the floorThen I tipped our dining table over.  You see I have always wanted wheels on this table.  So a couple of weeks ago I bought 2 sets of wheels and waited for just the right day to begin this project.

wheels for the tableEach of the wheels had to be pounded into the plastic plug that I put in the leg.  Fortunately all that pounding was no problem for the table as it is solid steel and HEAVY.

wire to keep from slippingSo, when it came time to  pick the table back up I realized that now, with the wheels on, I needed something to keep the table from just rolling away rather than tilting up.  So I put an electrical cord down by the wheels.  But right away I could see that the cord would just move, too.

wire   yoga mat to keep from slippingSo I added a yoga mat and then placed a magazine holder on top of that so it wouldn’t move.  And it worked.  Now I must say that it was not easy to get that VERY HEAVY table up off the floor but ‘the old girl still has it.’

A Walk in the WoodsThen after all that exercise I went for a walk in our woods with the puppies.  All of the trees and bushes have young leaves but you still can just barely see the house and studio.  Pretty cool, huh?

This week I hope to finish my table topper and start work on an Esther Aliu UFO.  I also have two mug rugs I would like to work on, one more BOM, and another UFO that needs the borders put on.  It’s not like I don’t have things to work on, I just was taking a little break, I guess.

I will be sharing on Patchwork Times and What a Hoot