Friday, February 27, 2015

Knitting and Other Stuff

These socks have been kind of ignored while I worked on others.  But having completed the soft gray pair, these have been pulled out of the bag and now are my "house" knitting project.  I like a long toe section so it takes a little longer to move on to the foot part but now I am on a roll.

And I am still working on these.  These are my "studio" socks.  I have started a k2 sl1 pattern on the foot which is just starting to show up.  The yarn is so interesting that I decided I didn't need a fancy stitch pattern to compete with it.  When I have these two pair done I plan to just have one pair of socks going and to find a couple of summer weight sweater patterns, probably learning to do lace.

A lot of years ago I made a pillow for my mother.  It had pictures of myself and my sister when we were children, my children as children, and all of the grandchildren (7).  Then about 6 years ago I sent her a mini pillow of her first great great grandchild.  Well, a few weeks she told me I had fallen behind, that 4 more children had been added to the family and no mini pillows had been made.
So I began hunting up pictures of said children, printing them on fabric, and stitching pillows.
And yesterday I got them done.  Meet Scarlett, Ryder, Gus, and Elsa.  Scarlett and Ryder and her great great grandchildren,  Gus and Elsa are great grandchildren you have been seeing on my header.  As I was bringing them in from the studio I got to thinking that I might like a set of these for our house, maybe hanging on a tree.  Hummmmmmm.

This Christmas cactus did very little blooming during the normal blooming season.  But yesterday morning I saw this bud and got really excited that we were going to have a little color there.

Then in the afternoon I found a second bud.  I don't know why we are getting flowering at this time of the year but I'll take it. 
I recently found a Facebook page called Addicted to Socks that has my head spinning with new to me ideas.  But for now it is time to check out other knitter's work on Patchwork Times.  And then have a great weekend.   Gari

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stitchin' In The Studio

And on the design wall is Block 2 of Fat Cat Pattern's 2015 BOM.  It is a little wrinkled because I was quickly tearing the stabilizer away so I could get it on the wall.
The close-up shows most of the stitches.  Again mostly I used the button hole stitch and a smaller, similar stitch on the hearts.  And I did try a new stitch on the arm icing but it didn't have a name, at least on my machine.

Yesterday I went to buy some fusible from my machine dealer and found that she is no longer carrying it.  She said that this is a new product by Babylock and everyone who uses it likes it.  So I bought 5 rolls because I use a lot and I wanted to start a new project.
And then I came home and began using it.  So far all I have done is draw on it and cut the pieces out.  I did also pick a couple of the fabrics but that's as far as I got.  I have to keep this a secret as it is a gift but as soon as I get it done and given I will share it.  

This past week saw my new cart come home.  Currently it is residing in the living room as I have not yet moved the furniture around to make room for it in the bedroom.

In the meantime I have been bringing some of my quilts out to see them stored on it.  Each night I have been sleeping under one and then putting it on the cart.  Pretty soon I will run out of quilts since I have given more away than I have kept.  But now I can see I need to make more, and more, and more. ;-)
And here is the crowning day of last week,  a visit from two of our  great grandchildren: Scarlett and Skylar.  They were here on a short visit from North Carolina and now are back home. 
Sometimes I am amazed that we have been married for 54 years, have 4 children, all over the age of 46, have 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  All of this coming out of a college romance.
As usual I will be linking with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.  And after I check them out I will be back at work in the studio.  Have a great week.   Gari

Monday, February 16, 2015

Design Wall

My design wall is sporting Blocks 1 & 2 of Morning Glory Designs' BOM. 

And once again I am so excited at how great the black button hole stitch looks on these blocks.  The flower and leaves are all done with batiks from stash.  I did buy the black background fabric.  I will need to take a better picture so the flame-like pattern can show up.

Just off the design wall are the three mug rugs I made for a swap on the Fat Cat Pattern Yahoo list.  She started the swap in Nov/Dec so I had plenty of time but the deadline was today .... I got them sent last Friday.  I have got to stop putting things off till the last minute.

And now the most exciting news.  Look at the next picture.  It is an antique, handmade cart and it is now mine.  The local yarn store is going out of business and she is selling all of the supplies and fittings including the antiques she bought to brighten up her store.  My plan is to use it to store my quilts.  And it will be in my bedroom where I will be able to see them every morning. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Socks, Socks, and More Socks

I completed the Smooth Tomato heels on these socks and am now working on the  ankle.  This yarn is so soft that I know the socks will keep my feet warm. If I don't get distracted I should have them done next week.

 I have gotten just a little beyond the toes on these orange socks.  I think they are going to be really pretty, I just need to give them a little more knitting time each day.

But instead of sticking with those two pair of socks I started these.  The LYS owner has been dying her own yarn and I had purchased this so when she asked if I had done anything with it I had to go home and start something so I could show her what it was looking like knit up.  As can be seen I have really only started with only half of the toe but isn't this soooooo pretty.  I said I wanted bright socks and these will really fill the bill.

I even stopped by the LYS today and bought some more sock yarn.  But don't judge me.  This shop is closing in two weeks and the closest yarn shop now is going to be 59 miles away.  So I am stocking up.  Its not as though I can't/won't shop elsewhere, it's just that when I want to start something else I want to start, not drive for 2 hours before I can start.  I should be set for the spring and maybe even the summer in sock yarn.  And since I don't wear socks in the spring or summer they all will be brand new in the fall.

As I said before, I hope to have the top pair done next week so maybe I can get back to the sweater I haven't touched since before Christmas.  But before that I will be linking with Patchwork Times, reading the knitting blogs listed there, and then getting back to my knitting.  GARI

Sunday, February 8, 2015

BOMs Again

 My design wall today is my ironing board and on it have been pieces of my Morning Glory BOM.  I needed three shades of pink,

 and three shades of green along with orange, which for some reason I didn't take a picture of.  And this picture shows how I hollow out the pieces of fusible so my applique doesn't feel stiff.

 Here I am cutting the design pieces out, getting ready to figure out how to put them together.  If you look closely you can see notations on the paper pieces noting the pieces location and the color and value needed for that piece.

And here we have to beginning of the completed piece.  The leaves and stem were relatively simple to put together but the flower much more complicated.  Needing to make both sides symmetrical was tedious work.

And here is what this month's block looks like.  Of course it still needs stitching down but I am pleased with my interpretation.   

I also have readied the February gingerbread block.  There will be better contrast between the big and little men when they are sewn down as the button hole stitch should outline them quite well.  I haven't chosen any other stitches.

This is my obligatory animal photo.  Our kitty is Stubby, born with only a 2" tail.  We got some stuff in boxes a couple of weeks ago and DH decided to keep the boxes until we knew for sure we were keeping what we ordered.  He put this box on our porch swing but it was in my way so I threw it on the floor of the deck.  Stubby immediately claimed it so it is still there.  She likes to slink down inside, hiding from the dogs, and then swat at them either when they pass or when they peek over the edge.
I will be linking with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.  And then I am going to be reading many of the other creative blogs.  I hope you will join me.   Gari

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweet Tomato Heel

My knitting time has been shorter this week, probably because I am trying something new and it always takes me more time to read (and reread) the directions.

This the Sweet Tomato Heel.  I saw it on a U-Tube video so I bought the e-book because I like the look of it.  This picture is from the book, mine doesn't look so good, yet.


This is what my heel looks like.  I just finished it today.  The "wedges" don't show up as clearly as in the above picture but the problem is probably a combination of the darkness of the yarn and my mistakes.  I still have the heel on the second sock so maybe it will look better.
So here is my sock.  I had to take it off the circular needle to do this heel so after I get the second heel done they will go back on the circular and then it will be up the ankles we go.

I have the other pair of socks still on the needles but didn't work on this at all this week.  And I also have a sweater that has been languishing and I need to get back to it.  Maybe next week I will have more to show.   Gari

Linking with Patchwork Times.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

BOMs Design Walls

Last week I showed this block but it was only stuck down, no stitching.  Well he is stitched down now.

I am using several of the fancy stitches on these blocks because this is a “fun” BOM.  This stitch is a loop-d-loop which I thought made the “frosting” look more “real.”

The scarf got a wavy stitch: attempting some movement.  I used the back side of the fabric for the lower part of the scarf and the right side for the upper part. I also used different shades of the teal thread.  I probably won’t be that “picky” by the time I have made more blocks.





I did nothing fancy on the face or the body as I will be doing them over and over and I do like consistency


So today I printed out the February blocks for the two BOMs I am doing. And tomorrow I will be drawing the outlines for the fusible and picking my fabrics.  However, before I do that I am going to watch The Quilt Show which is featuring Sharon Schamber.  She is supposed to be showing how she does applique without using fusible.  I figure that I can’t loose by learning something from a great like Sharon.  We’ll see how it goes.

I have also be working on some mug rugs for a swap. Here you can see the top and the backing.

I was stay stitching around prior to quilting when the thread broke, three times.  I have decided it was the thread and I’m throwing it away.  Tomorrow will be another day to get these babies done.

I did want to share my new pincushion.  She was made by a lady in Pensacola, FL (don’t know her name) and I just couldn’t leave the store without her.  I don’t know where she is going to reside yet but I love seeing her as I come into the studio.

And back in the house, this is Abby who wants to know if we really have to get up.  I get this look as I start moving around: it is a great way to start the day.  And it usually prolongs the getting up process.

Tomorrow I will be linking with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot Quilts.  Please visit each of them to see all of the creativeness going on out there.  Gari