Wednesday, August 28, 2013

QAL & Knitting

DATH socksI finally found my way back to the sewing machine and got another block completed on the FatQuarterShop QAL, Deck-Ade the Halls.  As I was putting them together I was wondering if the heels on the socks I am knitting would be as easy as these were.  Flirt male

Christmas sock progressSo this evening I knit to the heel and started the “flap.”  As this is my first sock heel, I discovered that I am not sure what the pattern is telling me to do.

pattern help
Anyone want to help be decipher this?  Am I supposed to go back and forth on just part of each row?  I stopped right after the 17 stitches on Row 1 and decided I better see if I could get help.

We are having a week of sunshine (really different from the rest of the summer.  Monday I was planning a whole day of sewing but by noon the sun and the open road were calling me.  So DH and I jumped in the car, put the top down, and drove 40 miles for lunch.  Open-mouthed smile

Well, time for sleep to prepare for a morning of running around with my daughter as she deals with insurance men and car repair people (dent in door).  I think I will take my other sock with me to knit on while I wait for her.  Must feel productive even while visiting with special people. 

Have a great week,  Gari

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chickens on the Wall

Binding going on
On Saturday and Sunday I sewed the binding on my Funky Chickens quilt.

Binding & chicken The binding is the same fabric as the small border.

binding and 9 patchI liked using it because it blended in and did not distract from my brightly colored chickens.

Funky Chickens DONESo my design wall this morning is my Funky Chickens quilt, all done.
I showed it last Wednesday, after the quilting was done, but failed to show the backing.

Chicken-Barn backing
Here is the backing.  I made the barn blocks because I remember the chickens at my aunt and uncle’s farm and associate them with the barns that were there. 

chicken head
Can you see the chicken head on this barn block?  It was so much fun to see her show up in the barn.

chicken on backing

I even found one peeking out from the field part of the backing. 

sock done

I did get some knitting done and got my first sock finished.  Isn’t she beautiful?  I was so excited I wore the one sock for over an hour (really too warm for a wool sock).  The second one of these is on the Magic Loop, still a learning in process, but it is coming along and I hope to have a pair of these socks soon sometime.

1st of second pair
The first of the second pair is moving right along.  It is easier right now but the challenge will come when I get to the heel, about 3” from now.  This will be the first heel I have tried so we will see how that goes.  I hope to have these to wear for Christmas so I need to figure this one out so I can make the second one without fear.  Rolling on the floor laughing

knittiing help
Of course I had a lot of help with my knitting.  At one time I had all three dogs on the chair with me while I was knitting.  I guess knitting really is restful.

I did cut all the pieces for another Deck-Ade The Halls block but didn’t have a chance to sew those little pieces together.  That will also be on the schedule for today, or maybe tomorrow.

Check out all the creativity at Patchwork Times and then remember to come back and visit here again.  Gari

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cluck, Cluck, It’s Quilted

Quilting Done
The quilting is complete on my Funky Chickens.  I had a blast revisiting each one of them as I worked my way down the quilt.

Top Half
These are the top six.  If you click on the picture you can see the quilting better, even the bobbles of which there are many.

Bottom Half
The bottom is a little folded because I didn’t have anyone to hold it and I just had to get pictures right after it came off the frame.
I had planned to sew the binding today but time got a way from me so it is on the top of my list for tomorrow.

sock 2 started
I have almost finished my first tube sock and have about 10 rows done on the second.  So I decided it was time to start my next sock.

2nd sock pattern
This is the pattern I am going to try/make.  It will be my first try at doing a heel, something I do not know anything about.  So after casting on the stitches and knitting the first row, I sat down and read and reread the heel directions. 

The yarn has sparkles in it: I see these being my Christmas socks.  Think I can have them done by then?

School for DH has started again and then he will be off judging two Jr. Miss programs over the weekend.  This does sound like a good time to uncover the cutting table, again, and get some of those BOMs completed for August before the end of the month shows up.  And, of course, to make headway on my socks.  The fun never ends around here!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sew, Quilt, Knit, Oh, My!

This is my Design Wall today.  This is the ornament block for Deck-ade The Halls from the FatQuarterShop.  It doesn’t seem like much but it finally got me back in to sewing.

Almost done
And I quilted.  This is where I am on the Funky Chicken quilt.  I did get one of the 9 patch blocks quilted on Sunday and will finish this quilt this week (I hope).

Funky Chickien #9
Before rolling to that last row I quilted chicken #9.

#9 close up 4
I am still having lots of fun quilting those little tail feathers.

Funky Chicken #10
And here is Funky Chicken #10.

#10 close up 3
I got a little artsy on this one.  Sometimes I don’t know what gets into me.  In love

almost there
Look how far I have come with my very first sock.  I am a little over an inch away from starting the toe and then this will also be done.  I have started the second sock but have only three rows done so it will be a while before I am wearing these socks…together.

The funny thing happened while I was knitting these socks.  I used to knit, over 30 years ago, so picking up knit and pearl was not very hard.  However, while watching a basic knitting lesson on Craftsy, I discovered that I am doing the knit stitch WRONG and always have.  I am finishing this sock doing the stitch the same way I always have but am learning the correct way on the second sock.  Also on the second sock I am trying the Magic Loop method.  So far I have pulled the stitches out three times: this is not an easy method.  And, boy am I surprised that the DPNs are really easy.

On the home front, we have had rain, Rain, RAIN! 
plants in the rain
The rain this weekend was a “soft” rain so all the deck plants got to move out from under the roof to soak up some of the water.  Doesn’t everybody look happy?

School starts for DH this week so, after a 2 1/2 week vacation we will be getting back to our normal routines.  I will miss having him around all day but I will also get a lot more done.
Be sure to check out Patchwork Times and have a great week.  Gari

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keeping Busy


This is what has occupied me in the quilting arena.  This is row 4, give or take a few inches either way.
And it is now done.

Chicken 7
Chicken 7 was quick: I think the hens are easier to quilt than the roosters.

Chicken #8

And here is Chicken 8.

#8 closeup

These are really fun and I am trying to make each one just a little bit different.

8.5 of 14.5My sock is coming along.  However, I have only 8” done and I have to do 14.5” before I can begin the toe decreases.

So today I bought a 40” circular needle and am going to start on sock two using the Magic Loop method, or at least I’m going to try. 

batting for lifeThe other thing I bought was a roll of batting: 30 yards of 108” batting.  I have never bought a roll before but recently the LQS owner decided it was time to close up shop and I realized that I have not been able to find the batting I like anywhere else around here.  So even though I really didn’t need batting right now (bought a bunch when she had a sale) I decided I would bite the bullet and stock up.  I am calling this my “lifetime” batting and we will see how that goes.

new waffle maker
Yesterday we went on a shopping trip (where I didn’t find any of the things I went looking for) and came home with this.  We have been going out for waffles for the last few years and decided we would like to try to make them at home.

getting ready
Today was waffle day at our house.

first ever waffle
And here is waffle #1. 

This is waffle #2.  I didn’t think  I had put more in but obviously I did.

really good

And for us this is the best syrup ever.  Of course you can see this is now an empty bottle: we did not eat it all this morning.  Angel

AU sunglasses
The last thing to show is my new sunglasses.  They are Auburn Tiger glasses: War Eagle.

We tried them on Fred and DH says he now looks a lot like me.  I think he looks like DH because they are both bald.  Open-mouthed smile

Monday, August 12, 2013

No Design Wall

Well, that’s not quite true.  I still have a design wall but there is nothing on it.  I have been busy in other ways.

next row
I have been quilting on the Funky Chickens and am now halfway done.  See, it is finally off the floor. 

chicken #5
Here is Chicken #5

#5 close-up
And here he is in his close-up.

chicken #6
And this is Chicken #6

#6 close=up
And not posing for his close-up.

#7 background
And now we are working on #7 (background is done).

#8 background
And #8 (background done).  I only get about half a row done each day but I leave the quilting room with a big smile on my face.

half done
And when I leave the quilting room I usually head for my lazyboy and these sticks.  I am a little more than half-way through with this, my first sock and it also causes me to grin.

most of foot
Of course I got a big belly laugh from DH when I slipped it on yesterday, just to see how much more of my foot it covers than last week.

DTH #4
And Sunday I finally got to work on something that will make it to the Design Wall next week.  This is a block every other week quilt put out by the Fat Quarter Shop.  I loved the picture of the finished quilt so I started it.  I have the first 2 parts done and then got involved with knitting and just collected the installments.  So Sunday I decided I needed to get back to work on it.

cutting instructions
Just look at this cutting list for “one block!”   Who ever wants to cut 40 1 1/2” squares?  Well not me, but I did.

pieces ready for sewing
And now all those parts are waiting for me to put them together today.  I pretty much have to get to work on this since I already have a plan for it. 

Our daughter and SIL are on vacation in MD where they are visiting our son (her twin), DIL, and granddaughter.  It is really fun to follow their trip on Facebook: we almost feel like we are with them all.  Of course, a few pictures would be nice:  hint, hint.  Angel