Friday, October 10, 2008

Slow Quilting Start

I woke up this morning and decided to read my email while I ate breakfast. However, my laptop wouldn't connect to the internet. I went to the PC and it also didn't connect. A call to my server and, after a failed attempt at resetting the router, I was told that they would try to fix it from "there" or they would send a technician today, tomorrow or maybe Monday. I was really depressed about no internet for 3-4 days but what could I do?: go out to eat is what. Anyway, when I got back from eating and running errands, my email was back. Whoo Hoo!!!

I am still pretty new at long/mid arm quilting but I did learn some tricks to getting ready for free motion, which I really enjoy. I bought a white board and markers. I draw a reasonable outline of the quilt I am doing and sometimes even the blocks themselves. Then I "practice" different quilt patterns. By the way I quilt better than I draw but I have gotten used to that and don't judge my drawing ability any more. Anyway, I take a picture of the design I decide to use and then have it with me when I quilt. It is amazing how often I refer to the drawing to keep me on track. This is the drawing for the Falling Leaves quilt currently on the frame.
I decided on the small meander after outlining the leaves. I have finished quilting the blocks, done with invisible thread, and now am ready to start the sashing. I think I will be doing the small oak leaves using the Meandering Magic technique. This will be done with a varigated thread that has several Fall colors. Since the borders are very colorful I am only doing loops and swirls because they won't be seen much.
And now it is off to the studio. If I don't get busy I will have used us a whole day with no quilting, only talking about it. GARI


Mary said...

I can't wait to see this quilt done - I find I can usually quilt something if I practice drawing it enough myself.

You asked about the quilting on my Amish Stripes and Strings - that was quilted with the Circle Lord Swirls template and I used black thread. I never use invisible thread for quilting - I can usually find some thread that I like the looks of even when doing an allover design like this. You can see a closeup of the quilting in this link below:

Fulvia said...

I, too, am looking at the HQ and live in South Carolina. Do you mind telling me where you got yours? Any other feedback you care to share would be sooo appreciated! Thanks.