Thursday, October 30, 2008

This morning I took my Christmas Disappearing 9 Patch off the frame: quilting done. I used a variegated green thread on the front so it is kind of hard to see the quilting. The back is 10" blocks of Christmas fabric and the quilting only shows on the white blocks (and sometimes this is a good thing): picture to follow. I was going to trim it and begin the binding but discovered that I first will have to, again, clean off the cutting table before I can lay this one out and square it up. I have been working on about three different projects while quilting and each of them has left it's mark on the table.

Oh, I discovered what was wrong with my HQ16: operator error, of course. When the thread broke the last time it came out of one of the threading places. This seems to make a really big difference. I discovered it when my machine repairman called to tell me that he had ordered my new needle plate for my Babylock but the other problem was that I had threaded it wrong. Well, I was embarrassed. My excuse is that my new machine is self threading and maybe I just forgot how to thread it? Or, maybe in my haste, I just did it wrong. Whatever!

And the laptop problem, you may ask? Well, after 90 min with a very nice tech at HP it was decided that I would have to reset it to factory defaults. What a pain! But, did that and have almost completely reinstalled all the programs. I/We think that when I tried to uninstall Norton it took my internet connection with it. But now I have Norton out and McAfee in and all is well.

Yesterday I got two 4' x 6' mirrors: free. My LQS is relocating to what was a beauty shop and she had these mirrors she wasn't going to use. I love mirrors and have them all over my house so I couldn't resist. I put one in my bathroom (I will probably regret that next time I shower) and one in the studio. They are not permanently placed but good enough for now.

And now it is time to return to the studio and clean, at least the table.


pollyanna said...

Ohhhhh that is just lovely! The colors are wonderful and I love the quilting pattern. Plus glad you got those pesky high techs working!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when one thing breaks something else is sure break too? But the Christmas quilt is beautiful!