Monday, October 20, 2008

So Much Time, So Little Done

So, with a whole weekend to myself, I planned a lot of piecing and quilting time. And what did I accomplish? Very little. Friday afternoon, after my husband left for a trip, I crashed. So I decided that what I really needed was to rest, so that's what I did.

Saturday morning I drove to NW FL to visit in two quilt shops, Lowes, and Books-A-Million. When I got home I read my email and worked on a plan for the backing of a Christmas quilt. I also repressed all of the strips for the Chocolate Stars (Bonnie Hunter class) and hung them up so they will be ready when I can get back to it.

Then came Sunday. I was up early to get a paper (no delivery in the country) and then fixed a really good breakfast for paper reading. After feeding the puppies and birds I went to the studio to cut 10.5" squares for the backing (something I saw on Bonnie Hunter's quilts). I chose 5 different Christmas fabric remnants and when the squares were finished I counted them and then went to EQ6 to decide how to position them. That was much easier than the design wall since I still have the bargello on the wall. I printed out the plan and was back in the studio to stack the blocks into rows. By that time I was tired, again. I was going to nap but wound up cleaning bird cages instead. The really fun thing was that it was in the 40s last night so I had a fire in the fireplace while I sat, read quilt magazines, and rested.

This morning I was up and running. I took my car to be serviced, took a sewing machine to be cleaned, deposited money in the bank, and went to the grocery store. Back home I had brunch, fed the birds and was back in the studio. I sewed blocks together until I had all the rows done for the backing. When I went back in the house I decided to make meatballs, my husband's favorite meal. I got started but when I opened the rice I found that it had gone bad so will finish them tomorrow. I then decided to put the new drawer knobs on an old dresser I am using for a buffet. The dresser is 42 years old and has been painted several times. Last summer I sanded about three layers of paint off and although I usually don't like shabby sheek I loved our history in all those paint colors. So I left it and decided I wanted crystal (acrylic) pulls.

Aren't they great?
So now it is Monday night. My husband will be home about 1 am and tomorrow morning we will begin a normal week (except I didn't get my car back, yet). Maybe I will be able to get my quilt back done and on the frame, maybe I'll get more done on my star quilt, and maybe I will get enough rest to do it all. GARI

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