Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still Learning

Today I tried something new, to me. I used John Flynn's diagonal cut quilt backing idea. I got his formula and put my numbers in: figured that the fabric I had would work. so I had to lay the fabric out on the deck in order to mark the diagonal line (using two yardsticks) and then cut it. Back out to the deck to lay the two triangles on the decking and move it until I had wide enough fabric. and guess what! It worked. Now it is ironed and on the HQ16 along with the batting and quilt top. Tomorrow, when I am rested, I will begin quilting it.

This top was the first quilt I made (2001) but I never tried to quilt it, waiting until I had a machine and then learned how to use it.

I have been receiving some very nice comments: thanks everyone!

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Elaine Adair said...

Welcome to this Blogging Bunch! Don't we have fun? Lucky you to have that long arm!

Come by my blog when you get around to it -- nothing earthshaking these days, but occasionally, I'm brilliant! LOL