Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Normal

Well, this is not normal in AL: hail. We had hail that was a little larger than pea sized but this was about all we got. After that we have been having a 4-5 hour thunder storm.. Since I was gone all morning and it has rained all afternoon/evening so no sewing was going on here today.

This is what I am supposed to be working on today. I joined Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt and have been so very slow in getting it started. I was already two days behind by the time I had chosen my fabrics: it is very hard for me to choose when I don't know where I am going. As of now, 4 days in, I have gotten half of the first day's fabric's cut and nothing sewn. But I am not concerned, I will just plod along until I get it all done: can't have any UFO's now can we?

And this is my UFO from Christmas week: the beginning of my Black and White Challenge. All the blocks are done and I started putting them on the wall but I am not sure how I want to arrange them. I do have some ideas for embellishment and will keep working on it. Meanwhile I have also joined a UFO completion group (see WISP?UFO in sidebar) I will be posting when UFO's are completed once I figure out how. Click on the gadget to learn more.

DH teaches part time now and school starts Monday. Once again I will know when I have time to sew and when he will want to spend time with me. I love that he likes to be with me but I also love to have "me" time. How nice it is to have that balance.


Pat said...

We had hail so hard one day in the summer here that it dented the top of my car. I was NOT happy with that!!! Love the black and white challenge blocks you've made.

pollyanna said...

It's beginning to look a lot like *singing* HAIL STORM! stay warm. Have heard the temps have been low. More snow here, some hail, some rain...nothing normal. But then we DID vote in change LOL

loulee1 said...

Love the tiny hint of red in your black and white.

Wilma NC said...

Love your log cabin blocks. I am anxious for a little winter weather here in the NC mountains. So far it's been like spring. I'm afraid it will get really bad later, lol.