Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Alone

5 days. I have 5 days all to myself. DH is gone to judge a county Jr. Miss pageant and I have 5 days all to myself. Both yesterday and today were primarily devoted to quilting on All That Jazz (the black and white pictured in the header). I am doing feathers and straight line ruler work in the log cabin blocks.

For some reason it is harder to get pictures when the backing is black and I have to get under the frame to snap it. LOL Anyway, I am again trying to quilt the outer border along the lines in the fabric print, am doing loops on the piano key fabric and the feathers and ruler work on the log cabins. I swear, the next three quilts I do are going to be edge to edge. LOL

I did do a little real sewing, putting the sashing parts
on some of the Puppies blocks and sewing the rows together.

Tomorrow there will be no quilting here. I am driving to Mobile to see a quilt show and visit the “vendor’s mall.” I also hope to visit a couple of quilt shops as well as some place good to eat. I love road trips.

And then when I get home I will be greeted
by this beautiful tree.

It sits at the side of our yard, right where we park. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the lacy leaves and the fuzzy flowers. All of our trees are volunteers so I don’t know what they are but we really have quite a variety. I really need to get someone to walk around with me and teach me about what is growing all around me. All I really know is that I love nature in all her beauty.


loulee said...

Can I come with you to the quilt show? It sonds like a great day out. Enjoy.

Kay said...

My husband's gone this week too; I also hope to get lots done. Enjoy yourself!

EclecticStitcher said...

I wish I had a week alone~LOL! I'd get so much done around the house...not ;o)

The tree you've pictured is a mimosa ~ I love them and wish we had some here in Georgia where I live...they seem to be getting harder and harder to find.

jovaliquilts said...

I love being home alone for a few days! It's a great time to get lots done and watch a movie that no one else wants to see. Have a wonderful time at the quilt show!

Pat said...

Enjoy your road trip and your 5 days of YOU time.

karenfae said...

your tree is a mimosa. We use to have some but I have been told that they normally do not get really old and that they sometimes get diseases and die - that happened to ours, we had about 6 of them and they all died one after another. We enjoyed them while we had them though - so pretty. They grow a lot in Arkansas.

Gretchen said...

Enjoy your time to yourself!! How fun is that!! You have a mimosa tree. I think they are really pretty, lots of people think they are "weed" trees.

True Blue Nana said...

I love the black and white quilt with the red centers

Domestic Moose said...

I'm a huge fan of orange and I'm always so excited to see it prominent in a quilt. Very nice.