Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So Far This Week

This is part of my backyard.

Three years ago, when we got our new house, we had to run a new line to the septic tank. The plumber put the pipe (50’) in and then my SIL brought a load of dirt to fill it in. He was supposed to come back with a back hoe and shove the dirt into the trench, covering the pipe. Well, the pile is still there and the pipe has been exposed all this time. From time to time I have shoveled dirt and this week I finally got the pipe all covered. What you see is what we have affectionately called Mt. Musgrove and the wheelbarrow I have moved the dirt with. I still have several loads to move until we don’t have an indentation in the ground but it is nice to be able to not see that white PVC pipe anymore.

When not moving dirt I have been still working. I got the binding made, pressed and sewed onto Jazz. And I even got the label made in time to sew it into the binding.

I have the binding turned and clipped, ready to hand sew on but that will probably have to wait a couple of days while I work on other things.

I woke up yesterday morning remembering that I have a BOM $5 block due on Thursday. So first thing, after doing my early morning yard work, I set out to get it done.

I really enjoyed making this block and may look at featuring it in a quilt sometime in the future.

My next project, I think, is going to have to be some clean-up in the studio. It seems that there are little piles of scraps and stuff from each of the projects I have been working on. This was OK for a while but now there are no work surfaces left. LOL

We have had one other excitement this week. DH gave birth to this.
It is a 2009 Nissan Titan. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he loves to trade cars and that he is “sneaky” in doing it. And this was no different. One minute we were eating dinner and the next we were looking at a truck, that he had already worked out a deal on. And did I know anything about it? Oh, no!! But it is a neat truck and he tells me that we will be saving some money both on car payments and insurance.

Well, that’s all for now: don’t you think that has been enough? LOL


jovaliquilts said...

I love your label -- it does justice to that beautiful quilt! I've never sewn one into a binding, but it's a great idea.

loulee said...

You've had a busy week.
I'll bet it's satisfying to get rid of that pile of dirt.

Pat said...

Nice to have a productive week, isn't it? Some weeks I have such good intentions and then go willy-nilly from one thing to another and get NOTHING totally done. *sigh*

karenfae said...

husbands can be sneaky can't they. Too bad SIL didn't fill in that trench for you when he brought the load of dirt over. I know what you mean though - I have a pile of dirt in my back yard like that too - I don't even remember now what project it came from - one day it will need to be moved.

QuiltedSimple said...

Good for you getting that trench filled in! And I love the binding on Jazz - very striking! Great truck. Todd trys to be sneaky on vehicle purchases, and I keep shooting him down at the last second.

Wilma NC said...

Love the jazz piece. Your husband sounds just like my sister's husband. He worked for Ford for many years, so absolutely loves cars. He will say he's going to Wal-Mart and come home with a new vehicle, lol.