Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Week

Quilting work: My South Seas top is completed.

And yesterday I found the perfect backing fabric but I forgot to take a picture so it will have to wait until I get it off the frame. I just ordered a new panto for this quilt so will not start on it until sometime next week.

Pool/Stairs: All of the stairs are moved and today I had help with the last set. It seems that DH thinks I abused his reputation in my recent posts so he was “eager” to help. He even volunteered to have his picture taken, helping.

Have I ever reported that he teaches drama? Oh, my, what a ham!!

Anyway, now all those who expressed concern about me and my physical exertion in moving the steps can stop worrying. I did wind up with interesting bruises.

And there is even a knot under that yellow mark. But it only hurts when I touch it so I am not touching.

Giveaways: A couple weeks ago I won, from Pam at Mama Sparks World, a $50 gift certificate from Bunny Hill Designs. I was given a coupon code and only two weeks to use it. And, that was while we were on our MD trip. So when we got home I spent time on the Bunny Hill web page and this is what I ordered.

I am thinking that I will make the Christmas one for us: will work on it all next year. The other will be a gift but who knows when that will happen. I really like doing fusible machine appliqué but it does take me a long time. I have, however, been really enjoying the Bunny Hill basket BOM so I am sure I will enjoy these, too. Thanks, Pam.

Entertainment: Friday we went to see Julie & Julia and it was GREAT!! How uplifting to see two women, decades apart, finding what made them feel creative and fulfilled. Now cooking would never do it for me, but it was fun to watch each woman struggle with their challenges, much like I do, and then the sense of victory when it turned out great. I started smiling when the movie started and didn’t stop until it was over. Both actresses were perfect: as has been said by many before me, Meryl Streep was Julia Child.

Wow, as I write this I can see that I have had a great week. Thanks for letting me share.


Exuberant Color said...

that is too funny, that he agreed to a picture. I guess some of these things have to be recorded for proof later. I'm glad you finally have the stairs all out there by the pool.

I am going to go see that movie next week. I have only heard good reviews on it.

Pat said...

Well...I'm not fooled by your Drama King one single bit. Seeing his tortured look while moving those steps just made me say, "HEY...if they are heavy for YOU, how do you think they were for your wife??" LOL Hope the knot in your arm eases up soon. I like what you ordered with your prize gift certificate, too.

True Blue Nana said...

You have had a great week! I love those colors in your South Seas quilt.

Gretchen said...

Love your quilt! Such beautiful batiks!! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie; I have told everyone I know to go see it!

Gina said...

love the South Seas quilt.

I'm so glad that hubby was persuaded to help you with the deck. It can't be seen that women can do without the men now can it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Stephanie said...

Pretty quilt. I love the blue and green combination.

QuiltedSimple said...

You've been busy. You are making me sooooo tired. Must go take nap:)