Monday, November 2, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Our quilt show was small, short and sweet. That little house was completely covered with quilts and except for a short time of rain on Saturday afternoon, the weather was cool and nice. I am working on a slideshow on to highlight our quilts and will get it up as soon as Blogger and I work it out. lol I tried to get pictures of them all but offer my apologies to my guild members if I missed some.

I worked the quilt show Friday and Sunday afternoon. Friday and Sunday mornings were spent moving sewing and quilting stuff. My studio is a three room mobile office and I am switching the two end rooms (sewing room and quilting room). I have ordered a new frame for my HQ16 so I am clearing out one whole room to accommodate the larger table. Meanwhile, I am setting up the new sewing room to accommodate four different sewing machines and a new design wall and I am using two 8’ tables to do this. But to make this work I have moved chests of drawers, big tables, machines, book cases, fabric and a very large thread storage case along with a lot of other stuff. I think I have touched everything at least twice. And tomorrow and Tuesday I have to get it mostly done because the new frame has been shipped and is supposed to arrive Wednesday.

Saturday was a mandatory Weight Watcher’s Leader’s meeting. It was fun and kind of like a coach’s pregame pep talk. We were introduced to some of the new things planned for 2010 and given some ideas for meeting topics.

With all this running around, guess what I have been doing for relaxation. I sew, of course. I have been working on a BOM, Eleanor Burns double wedding ring block. I can’t say it is going quickly since 10 – 15 min of sewing doesn’t move things along quickly. But I had one machine still set up until this afternoon and made myself a very small pressing place so I could have small moments of sanity. And on that happy note, I close to get back to work.


Exuberant Color said...

You have been one busy lady.
Moving your sewing room gets you in touch with everything in there. I did that when the floor was refinished and it was so nice and clutterfree for about a year. Now? A mess again.

tmlidh said...

Hope the quilt show went great! The pictures are beautiful. ;o)