Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun Week So Far

This past Tuesday was my twins birthday, they are now 41 years old. Each of their spouses decided to do something special for their special day. My DIL arranged a camping trip, in the cold mountains of MD. Please visit her blog to see their trip: Ponce.

My SIL arranged a surprise birthday party for my daughter. She was to be at the hospital for her clinical rotation, nurses’ training, so he got permission to bring cake and stuff around lunch time and she got to celebrate with her classmates, and us.

The class has been studying for their state board exam so a party seemed just the thing, don’t you think?

And here is SIL and DH getting the table ready for cake, etc. Isn’t it nice to see the men working?

I embroidered two t-shirts for DD, each with a nurse, of sorts, on the front.

Please excuse the face in the first shot. This daughter used to stand in front of a mirror, practicing her “faces,” nothing dramatic about her. Of ourse her father is a drama teacher.

Anyway, she graduates one month from her birthday and we couldn’t be prouder of her.

No pictures from the studio this time. I am working on three Christmas gifts and although I don’t think the people they are going to read my blog, I can’t be sure so they will be shown at the end of December. I will tell you that I also took a “fused glass” class last Tuesday night. I can’t show what I did because I had to leave it there to cool overnight and the class was 90 miles away. I am hoping to be able to go get them this weekend.

Today I have three hours to sew and then I have to get ready to teach my WW class. Tomorrow I will be sewing for about three hours and then I am going with DH to see a play. It seems it is getting harder and harder to get quality and quantity time in my studio. What ever happened to that quiet retirement life I envisioned?


karenfae said...

happy birthday to your girls! my younger daughter has her birthday today - I can't believe my baby is now 34 years old!

Pat said...

Oh...I guess you didn't get the memo sent to all retirees??? You are BUSIER in retirement than you are when you were working. BUT.....the kind of "busy" you are in retirement is usually more of the "fun" kind than the kind of busy you had while still working!!! Happy Birthday to your twins!

Jessica said...

Lisa looks great!

Leanne said...

No doubting they are twins. What a nice thing to do lunch for the class. A play sounds fun and 3 hours of quilting is better than none.

Kim said...

Yeah for nurses!

Thanks for your kind remarks on my blog.
I so enjoying visit blogland and seeing what everyone is up to.
Looks like you are enjoying life.
Bonnie Hunter is starting a new mystery the day after Thanksgiving...they are truly easy even with all their pieces....I have done all her mysteries :0)..they sure make great gifts.

Happy Sewing