Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting it together

Finally, a sense of accomplishment. I quilted my first quilt on the new quilt frame and even have the binding machine sewed on.

I had this top, called Flight School, completed at the end of November last year but I didn’t have time to quilt it prior to the holidays so it hung behind our Christmas village, as it was. But this year it will be a finished quilt. I quilted it with Floriani silver metallic thread and it quilted great. And I must say that having a quilt frame that is sturdy and level makes a big difference: so much more control.

Also this week my car was fixed and I was able to pick it up today. The guys did a great job and now it looks just like it did before the “big red truck” crunched it. It is nice to have the baby back.

Today I uncovered all of the top of the cutting table and cut fabric for backing and batting for a gift quilt (it will be my first time to machine quilt flannel), and cut all the strips for a flannel rag quilt. I also designed a second rag quilt and got all the fabric ready for cutting. I uncovered the embroidery machine and embroidered a gift shirt and I also bought 3 Christmas stockings to get ready to embroider names on: they will be an early Christmas gift for DGD and family.

After almost two weeks of pain from a pulled back muscle, it is really nice to be able to put in some real time doing what I love to do: I am so grateful. And, right now I have a whole weekend with no plans: I see sewing/quilting time on my agenda. Yea!!


  1. That quilt looks spectacular!!! YAY for the work you can now do on that new frame!!!

  2. take it easy with your back - I know it takes awhile to recover, my neck is still stiff although not as tight as it was before I started therapy two weeks ago.

  3. Nice job! Glad the frame is up and running and that you're feeling better.

    Keith's at a meeting all weekend so I'm planning nothing but sewing and quilting too!

  4. I expect great productivity now Gari, no excuses for not finishing.

  5. It's a wonderful quilt, and finished just in time for the holidays! Glad you're feeling better.

  6. Wow, you've had a couple of interesting weeks since I last checked in on you. Hope the next couple are filled with only quilty joy! Flight School is really lovely.

  7. Lovely quilt, and lucky you to have your own quiltframe. Sounds like a dream! Have fun playing with it and enjoy... Love your design wall too!
    ; )

  8. This is pretty - is it a pattern from somewhere? Have fun playing with the quilt frame


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