Monday, November 9, 2009

Still reorganizing and Design Wall Monday

Every day during this past week I have been working. I have moved everything in the studio, at least twice and frequently four times or more. The new quilt frame, the HQ Studio Frame, arrived late Wednesday, in three large boxes (40#, 75#, and 90#).

The UPS man brought them up on the deck but I had to slide, yes, slide, them into the studio. I did make sure I had the box that said it held the assembly instructions ready to be opened but decided I would wait until the next day.

Thursday I opened all the boxes and laid out all the parts and pieces.

I then left the room and allowed myself to do a little sewing. The sewing room in still upside down but I have cleared out sewing space so I don’t get too far behind and for a little relaxation.

Pressing area

Cutting area

Sewing area

On my new design, Monday update for Judy wall (not yet covered in flannel) is the newest comfort quilt I am doing. I bought these charm packs several months ago and they just seem perfect for some boy or girl. There are really three panels but I overlapped because I have other misc. things on the wall, too, so I ran out of usable space (story of my current life).

Friday DH and I went to the Greater Gulf Coast Art’s Festival in Pensacola. Oh, it was wonderful, again. I have been going for several years and find the work of the many juried artists very inspiring. I forgot to take my camera but lots of the artists don’t want pictures taken anyway. The day was beautiful, the art was great, and all the people were happy and friendly.

But, back at home Saturday was “build a quilt frame” day. We got all the major parts done and Sunday morning I finished the take-up poles and other misc. pieces. I have to say that DH was an excellent worker, good humored and stuck with it, even when there were football games going on elsewhere. I hope to get a quilt on the frame today and see how it works but I still need to so some leg leveling first.

On the car front, we took it to the shop this morning. My DD and SIL borrowed a car from his father so I will not be stranded in the country. However, looking at the weather map, I may just stay home while Ida passes by. LOL

One last thing, while bringing me the borrowed car tonight, my DD hit a deer (with her car). She sent me a picture of the car to put on the blog, as she wants people’s sympathy, too, however, I seem to have deleted it so it will have to wait for another day.


karenfae said...

that frame is big isn't it. That is the one problem with these big quilting frames that we have is that they take up so much room -- BUT it sure is nice not to have to do the basting anymore!

Judy said...

How exciting for you to get your frame built. I wish when I bought my frame from HQ, it was like this one. Mine is a table top super quilter frame. I think it's maybe 5 years old now. I've used it a lot!
Ummm, you might want to stay inside and out of cars. The good car mojo isn't with your family right now.
Tell DD I feel sorry for her. Hitting a deer ruins your whole day!

Wilma NC said...

I have a superquilter too. I only have enough room to have it at 8 feet. Someday...... I finally posted pictures of my sewing area on my blog. Have fun playing with your machine.

Pat said...

How exciting to have that great quilting frame. I don't have room for that, so I have very few large quilts (can't afford to get them quilted and can't do them myself). SO....I envy anyone with the room to have a nice quilting set-up like that! Good luck with it...can't wait to see some of your work done on it.

Zlaty said...

OH what a nice boxes you got!!! Enjoy your frame and looking forward looking at your lovely quilting! I have a New Joy frame and it's so much fun to be able to quilt your projects!


Jessica said...

I hope she's okay!!!

Mary said...

You got that assembled quickly!

The blocks for the comfort quilt are cute too.

QuiltedSimple said...

How fun! Hope DD is okay

jovaliquilts said...

How exciting to have such a great quilting frame!!