Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Wall, embroidery, and….well….

My design wall would have been empty if I hadn’t had a Jelly Roll Sampler block ready to sew together. Isn’t it beautiful? I wasn’t too excited about this block when I first saw it but didn’t it turn out nice. This is really going to be a beautiful quilt.

Be sure to stop by Judy's blog to see what other's are doing.

I also worked on appliquéing some stems but that is so boring (both doing and looking at) so I won’t show pictures until the flowers start to show up.

I did, however, do some embroidery work. Here are two of six new kitchen towels I am working on. I haven’t had any new towels for about 7 years and although most of what I have are still serviceable, I decided we needed something fresh. The designs are from Artistic Thread Works.

The other embroidery is a shirt for our great grandson’s second birthday later this month. Here it is on the heater in my studio: I don’t have a child sized mannequin.
The color in this close up is not too good but I wanted to show the windows. I used plastic so they look more like a real window. I chose the truck because he is getting an electric riding truck from my DD and DSIL and I wanted this shirt to fit their gift. I have one more shirt to do before the big day arrives.

And lastly. On Saturday the postman delivered this to DH. Since he had not sent for anything he was intrigued, an especially when he saw what it was. It seems that this is what his mother-in-law sent him as a belated birthday gift. Interesting! But to better understand a person would have to know that for Christmas DH sent her a “travel emergency kit” which was a small box with a miniature corn cob in it. Some family I have, huh?


Gina said...

Love the fabrics you've use din the block.
What a great sense of humour your family have.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

FUNNY gifts your hubby and his MIL exchange!!! Love the shirt you did and your block is very nice!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my...memorable gift exchanges in your family LOL!
Love your new tea towel!

Karen said...

I have been seeing jelly roll sampler blocks popping up all over Blogland. Wonder what the finished quilt will look like. Is it a mystery?
I love the coffee cup. At least I think it was meant to be a coffee cup.