Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Sewing

This is how my day starts. I wake up with this puppy, snuggling.

Then I am greated with "Mornin' Mom" and lots of playing.

Up for breakfast and then off for our morning walk. We have a 23' leash. She runs ahead, finds something to check out and falls behind but usually as soon as there is even a slight tension on the leash, she comes running past me and is out in front again. We have been walking the 2 mile trail around the community college and we switch the direction every other day. AND, I did walk my 5 times last week so I am one quarter of the way to my new shoes.

However, when we get home I have a choice of doing the regular housework or this:
And since I still have this to do, I guess I will get off the computer and get back to this.
Sewing/quilting starts again on Thursday afternoon, I hope.

Edit: 4/15/10 = DONE!! After I finished figuring everything out we decided to take it to an accountant who found additional deductions....yea!! I spent all this morning cleaning to keep my mind off of what she was doing but then took myself out to lunch after dropping the envelopes (AL has income tax, too) at the post office. Sewing, here I come!!


Anonymous said...

Aha!!! Another procrastinator!!! I KNOW you are looking forward to sewing on Thursday. Gwynette in AR

Pat said...

Ours was done and sent.......*sigh*.......but wish it wasn't....hate to write that check.

Michelle May said...

What a great way to start the day....ick..gag...puke though on the chores! Taxes....errrr....grumble!