Monday, September 6, 2010

Design Stool Monday

As I sat down to write this I felt like I was sounding like a student who has every excuse in the book why she didn’t have her homework ready. There has been very little sewing going on here. But I have an excuse/reason. See this blank space:

This is where my Babylock BLQP usually sits: the sight of that empty space is sad. She is my workhorse machine but in the middle of a seam she quit having any tension creating big loopies on the back of the piece I was sewing. I tried several fixes and each worked for about 12” and then off we went again. So my baby went off to see the doctor. It was probably time for her to have her annual checkup anyway so I didn’t feel too bad, except of course that all regular sewing came to a halt.

But I have something for the DWM post. I am calling it my design stool because this is the block I have prepped for the guild swap this month.

At my guild we make a block a month and then one of us gets to win all the blocks. I have made two really nice quilts from blocks I won so I try to enter every month.

And now, the real reason there has been little sewing. This is what I see as I enter the studio each day.

It’s hard to believe there is a large recliner right there in the middle, isn’t it.

To the left is my cutting table.

And to the right is my pressing table.

So, this Labor Day Weekend I am laboring in my studio, trying to find the surfaces so I can get back to work. I tend to jump from project to project and to just push the leftovers aside in my zeal to start something new. Well, I had run out of room to push and needed to set aside cleaning time. I have made some progress but will wait to show pictures when I have more completed. I can tell you that I have filled my strip bins so I will be getting back to making strip blocks.

Be sure to drop by Judy’s blog to see what others are actually getting done.


Pat said...

I'm sorry you had a machine in need of "help" and that it's not available to you right now. BUT...I am extremely HAPPY to see these photos of your sewing room. I tend, also, to go from one project to another and not clean up in between. My hubby seems to find that unusual SO it's always nice to show him photos like this so he can see I am NOT the only one who does this...and ends up with a "not-so-neat" sewing area!!! LOL (I'm not sure I'll show him the CLEANED-UP photos, but I'll look forward to seeing them!)

quiltingnana said...

love your studio...shows a creative person...

Pieces of Time said...

Yesterday was the day for me to clean my studio! I am having a new washer/dryer delivered today and they have to go through my area. My sewing area looked just like yours and now it certainly is neater. I hope your machine is recovering nicely.

Ruthie said...

I tend to go from one project to the next also and I usually save the leftovers thinking that I'll do something with them. I have been pretty good about doing just that, but certainly not good enough. I think I may have Attention Deficit Disorder, or maybe I'm just too creative for my little brain!

AnnieO said...

Oh! A sick machine is sad--hope she's patched back to good as new soon.

My sewing area has shrunk since DS moved back in, so I really have to keep on top of my messes. It is so easy to make piles and so hard to put them away--why is that?

Carol A. Babineau said...

Sorry about your machine.........I had that experience two months ago. Now the studio.....I have that experience every day! LOL!
I need to get organized.

Melinda said...

My room looks even worse. I need to work on mine. I hope your machine gets better soon.