Monday, September 13, 2010

Designing, No Sewing

Without my trusty sewing machine I was reduced to designing. My design wall this week shows most of my redesigned swap blocks.

I really want to use this quilt as a table topper so after going fabric shopping for sashing, I decided to not sash the blocks. I am, however, using the fabric as the first, smaller border and probably will use it as the background to the 24” Dresden plate that will be going in the center (I love making Dresden plates). Be sure to drop by Judy’s blog to see what others are creating.

Prior to completing the above layout I finished prepping two snowman blocks for the Bunny Hill BOM.

I hadn’t looked at them for quite a while but now that so many are all together I am really liking them. I have no idea how they will be set but since there are three more blocks and three more months, I don’t have to think about that, yet. So with my regular sewing machine still in hospital I will begin doing the machine applique (different machine).

I also began kitting another new gift quilt. I found some fabric I have been looking for for almost two years so am very excited about making a really cute throw. I have found one fabric to go in this little quilt but that’s all so far. I will be taking pictures of the process but it will be a little while before I can show them.

One last picture. This was the little visitor we had in the backyard this weekend.

What you can see is Mr. Bunny checking to see if Abby, the fiercely barking doxie, could get out and get him.


Jackie said...

I hope your sewing machine comes back soon. Although it looks like you certainly are still having fun! Your quilts look beautiful! The bunny is really cute.

Tamera said...


We have a Great Pyrenees (a livestock guard dog) who has the run of the place (of course, we live in a rural area) and we haven't had a bunny, or a ground squirrel, or any other kind of fuzzy cute little animal in our yard since, lol.

Thankfully, she leaves the kitties alone!

Judy said...

I love your layout and your fabrics. I haven't made a Dresden plate yet..maybe it's time. The snowmen are adorable.
We have 2 labs and a terrier/terror so not many bunnies. I love how he is standing there looking for the dog.

Pat said...

Your snowman blocks are really cute. Sorry your machine is still "sick".

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I'm sorry you still don't have a machine, but I love you are being so productive in the interim! The topper layout is looking really good and I'm a fan of not sashing that one. It adds appeal to me.

The snowmen are uber cute. (When was the last time you knew someone used the word "uber"? LOL)

Melinda said...

I like your snowman blocks a lot. Hopefully your machine will come home soon.

Barb in Mi said...

Sometimes a sewing break can open tons of new ideas. And once your machine is back, you won't be able to stop. Hope it will happen soon!

AnnieO said...

Cool design play you've had!

Our dog alarm goes off often too, but never for seeing any bunnies!

Stephanie said...

Very cute snowpeople. Great colors in your swap blocks.