Sunday, September 26, 2010

War Eagle and the Lost Weekend

My design wall has not changed much. Sunday morning I was able to do a little sewing. I got the last two D9P blocks sewn and all 6 sewn together.

Then I got ready to cut the light beige/yellow for an inner border

But decided to go to the house for something and wound up taking a 4 hour nap.

Why, you may ask, would I need a nap? Well, let me tell you about what my week has been like since my last post.

Last Wednesday I spent almost all day prepping for the two new Weight Watcher’s meetings and then Thursday I drove 364 miles and met with almost 50 really nice women. It was a 12 hour day but lots of fun. On Friday I spent the morning doing the paperwork for the two Thursday classes and then I was off to my Friday class. In the afternoon I completed the last of the paperwork, made my bank deposits and crashed.

But on Saturday I was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed and for a day of football. Auburn is my school and DH gotten us tickets so off we went.

This is a most wonderful place, Priester’s Pecans. They do the most wonderful things with pecans and also sell lots of great gift items. We even were able to do a little Christmas shopping while we were there. After picking up some coffee and snacks we were on our way again.

We got to Auburn several hours prior to the game. The first thing we did was to pick up our tickets and then, because it was such a beautiful, sunny, day, we each bought new hat/visors to keep the sun out of our eyes. Look at the beautiful sky over the stadium.

Here I am, all dressed in my Auburn finery, ready for an evening of football. (Sorry, Ange)

Now, look at the stadium at this angle.

Our seats were up on the top tier. We climbed round and round and round until we made it to the top.

And then this was our view.

Just before kick-off the sun began to set and this was our view.

The team comes on the field with a bang

And the game was on.

I won’t bore you with my other football pictures but I will say that Auburn won and we left the stadium very happy.

We got home around 2 am and went immediately to bed. I got up Sunday, did a little sewing (see beginning of this post) and then found myself in bed for a very long nap (too old for these full days and late nights).

So the plan is to sew Mon – Wed with just a little time out for dishes and laundry. Maybe I will have a new design wall next Monday, I hope.


Judy D said...

I am exhausted just from reading this. :) Your football day sounds fun but your seats....OMG, I don't do heights very well and just from the pictures I'm swaying. But you had great seats for these pictures! But how do you keep up with the game when you are so far away? Happy sewing. :)

QuiltSwissy said...

What a fabulous trip! I am not much of a football fan, but daughter and S-I-L tailgate every week wheter LSU is playing here or not!


Joanne Lendaro said...

Cool, cool, cool pictures!! What a funn time! Love the brown....

Pat said...

Great view you had! (I love being able to see the marching band formations, too...which you can't see very well when down lower in the stands.) I'd have been tired from walking up (and then back down) all those stairs, too!

Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing your Auburn pics. We are going this Sat and will have to leave at 4am since it has been set at 11:00 kickoff - ugh!
I will be feeling like you come that afternoon.
War Eagle!!!

Vicki said...

Sounds like tons of fun and more fun than most people have all year!! I love your pics and football is one of my favorite things to watch. Get some rest!!

Quilter Kathy said...

What great fun!
No wonder you were tired!
Love that photo of the sunset!

orchidlover said...

What a busy weekend.
I'm sorry but if I'd have known that was where I was sitting I would have left the tickets there. I don't do heights at all well
Glad you enjoyed yourselves though

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun. I only like football for the food, though. Wings and pizza. Yum!

kwiltnkats said...

I love the excitement of any live sports event. Thanks for taking me through the Auburn game. College games are more exciting than Pro! Back to sewing now...want to see new things on your design wall next week.