Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall and finishes

I didn’t have a design wall post last week.  Somehow, with a very long holiday weekend, I didn’t realize I had missed it until Monday night when I was getting ready to write and suddenly realized the day had passed.  Oh, my, do you suppose I am getting old?  No way!  I just don’t pay attention to the calendar as much as I used to.

So, here is my design wall for this week:

16 patch top completed 

This is my 16 patch quilt top, ready for backing, batting, and quilting.

16 patch and background


And here it is with the backing fabric.  I hope to be getting the backing ready this morning and maybe even get it on Mildred, too.

JR finished


I also finished quilting JR on Friday, sewed the binding together on Saturday and on Sunday completed sewing on the binding.  I always love it when a quilt or project is finished.

Nap time

And now another kiddy picture.  As we were getting ready to leave for our morning walk this morning, this was the scene that greeted us, Pewter, the momma, and her two growing kittens, basking in the sun.  We have two small families living around our deck: anyone want a kitten/cat?


  1. Love the quilt top! Your JR quilt is so bright and cheery :) Very cute picture of the kitties :D

  2. nice quilts - love the kittens.

  3. What fun colors! Wish I could take one of your kittens! :)

  4. The JR quilt just looks happy! Nothing is more lovable than a kitten. I hope you are able to find homes for them. Unfortunately distance and my two dogs -- and husband -- make adopting any of them impossible here!

  5. Are you sure you want to part with a warm welcome in the morning like this? Looks like you've given them a very comfortable home. A warm, safe and comfy place to lounge...not to mention fully bellies (wink). The JR quilt is really bright and playful looking. Sandi

  6. I love your finish; it's so bright and colorful. I wish I had a quilting machine, but I do have a real nice Janome that I wouldn't trade.

  7. I love the 16 patches. Great colors you used in the strip quilt, too.

  8. Another quilt almost on Mildred... yeah. I'm jealous of course... Ruthie should be happier this week... and if she isn't DH threatens to use her as a boat anchor! Nah, he's just kidding. JR looks fun too.

  9. Love your JR quilt...the lime thread is the crowning touch!
    I'm going to make a quilt like this for my niece (soon I hope)!
    The kitty photo is absolutely adorable :)

  10. The colors on your JR quilt are awesome! Love the 16 patch one too!

  11. your kitties are too funny! and that chair you got on your antiquing trip is to die for! love love love it.

  12. I love your bright colored quilt! The orange really sets it off. Even when it's hot the kitties love to snuggle. We have plenty of cats on our deck too.


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