Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots of Projects: No Finishes

Design Wall

This is my design wall this morning.  And when I saw it in the picture, it really looks like a mess.  But when I was putting it on the wall, I thought I was coming up with something.  The 12” blocks are from the LCQAL that finished up earlier this year using Bliss by Moda.   My thought was to use some charm squares to make up a divided 4 patch but, oh, I don’t like it at all.  So later this morning I will be taking the charm squares down and trying to come up with something else.

16 patch ready to quilt

The first thing I took down from the DW Sunday morning was the 16 patch quilt top.  It is ready for quilting and the backing has also been readied.

batting pieces

I went through all my batting pieces and chose the ones I could put together for this quilt.  Here are the leftovers, ready to go back on the shelf to await their call to duty.

16 patch binding


I even prepared the binding and it is also waiting it’s turn to be used…….sometime in the near future, I hope.



Then I started working on my Snowbound UFO.  I trimmed all of the blocks while I began sewing them together.  Look at all the slivers of fabric on my cutting table.  I keep thinking there is something I should be able to do with them but I probably will just toss them.   As you will soon see, I already have enough mess in this studio.


Sewing Snowbound Blocks


I sewed the blocks together and once again enjoyed seeing these clever blocks from Bunny Hill Designs.



Snowbound & 1st border

So now the center is all together and pressed.  And on the chair back are the inner borders (don’t look too closely at the mess behind the chair).  I still need to add cornerstones and then we will be ready for the outer borders.  I am thinking of white cornerstones on them with maybe embroidered snowflakes.  But that also will be decided either today or tomorrow, or whenever I get around to it.

Here in South Alabama we have been getting rain.  No, I mean RAIN.  We have had about 7.5” in the last 4 days. 



This is how my shoes have looked every time I go out.  But I don’t mind, we really needed all that rain.  Besides, these are Crocs and I just rinse them off and keep going. Open-mouthed smile

Now, clean off your shoes and run on over to Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are working on.


Bonnie said...

Hey Gari -- I'm so glad someone's studio is as messy as mine! I love the look of a clean, neat studio but I have never been able to achieve the look! So what is to the left in the back of the snowman quilt top picture? Are you using some sort of system to hang things? And, what are you hanging there? Looks interesting. I'm still working on 2009 blocks from Bunny Hill... getting closer to having them finished though... but don't hold your breath. Bonnie

Stray Stitches said...

You sure have a lot of beautiful projects you are working on! And don't worry about the clutter - it just shows how busy you have been :)

karenfae said...

why is it when we need rain we get it all at once! us too last week. Now of course it is back to hot and no rain for the upcoming week predicted. As long as you make sense out of your design wall that is what counts :)

Vicki said...

Wow have you been busy and I love your snowbound quilt. I think that you are on to something for your block but you will keep rearranging them until you are pleased, they are a very nice collection of blocks. BTW, it is in the 90's and dry here, in Michigan and I am not used to it.

Quilter Kathy said...

What fun eye candy on your blog many great are having lots of fun!

Gail said...

I don't know where to look first, your studio is fabulous and I want to study each block, each quilt. Glad you are getting rain, we had some here in N Georgia, too, but still need a lot more. I'm just glad we didn't get any wind along with it!

Mary said...

You really have been productive! Like you, I need to stop and piece together some of the batting remants that are taking up valuable storage space. We really need rain here too.

Debbie said...

With all that rain you are getting a lot done in the sewing room!

marcella said...

Wow, you've really gotten a lot done! Can't wait to see that 16 patch quilted. I need to pull out my own snowbound block and do something with them too. Your top is looking really cute.

Janet said...

So many projects--just like me. I like the snowball blocks with your snowmen. I need to finish my snowman first. So glad you got some rain finally!

Frog Quilter said...

Your room looks PERFECTLY NORMAL to me..

AnnieO said...

Having too many projects going at once can make a person crabby, but you seem to be perking along just great! Hope you find a solution for your design wall dilemma.

Alycia said...

Wow - you are one busy quilter!! hope you find a solution to your design wall!

Kate said...

Wow, lots of projects going on at your house. I like the LCQA blocks. Mine aren't set together either, have a plan but no time. Good luck on finding a lay out you like. It took me a while to decide on something.