Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WOW and stuff

I really had a slow start this week.  We drove to Pensacola to do some eating and antiquing.  For the eating we had…….


Taco pizza.   No one makes it where we live so we are always excited when we find it. 







Then we went to the Blue Moon Antique Mall.  As soon as we get there I start singing the song, one of my favorites. 

Anyway, just as we came in the door I spotted this chair.  New mannequin and chair

It is the 70s style of Scandinavian chair and footrest that I have seen for years but never could afford.  This one is done in gray leather and reclines and swivels.   I have been wanting a chair for the bedroom (for when I don’t want to watch what DH has on the TV) and this is perfect.  I will be making a throw and pillow for it but with the low arm rests it will be great for doing that hand embroidery the BOM designers insist on putting in their blocks.

And, of course, next to the chair is the dress form I just had to have.  It is male but this one has arms.  He will be dressed in cowboy clothes and will be a living room cowboy to go with DH’s B Western collections.

Now, I have been doing a little work in the studio.  On Monday I organized my pieces for the 4 Block 4s:



All of the pieces have been pressed to fabric and sorted into baggies, ready for me to start making those blocks.

JR quilting

However all that has been put aside as Mildred and I worked out our differences and have begun quilting JR.  I am using King Tut Lime Stone, a variegated lime green, for the top thread.  I like how it is showing but does not take away from the bright colors.

Get out of my face

And lastly, there is Ms. Murphy.  I went to take this picture and what I got was a “get out of my face” look.  Somehow, I think she thinks she is the boss around here.  But, of course, everyone around here thinks that.  Just look at this look of contentment:



DH and Abby, doing what they love best.


Bunny said...

Looks like you have been busy and what a nice find for you to sit and stitch in.

Rhonda G said...

Your pcs. are so organized. I've been dumping mine all together in a little plastic box. LOL I sure like your way better. Thanks for sharing your WIP's this week with us all. : )

LuAnn said...

I think that sounds like the perfect day...driving to eat and antique. That taco pizza looks wonderful!

Esther said...

What a wonderful week you've had! I've never heard of taco pizza, looks interesting! I really love the furniture you found and I wouldnt be able to pass up the dress form either!

Judy D in WA said...

Now I am craving taco pizza! Can't wait to see the dress form cowboy'd up. You found some great stuff!
Love the picture of DH!