Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Carol Doak Week

8000 Mem table topper
Because I all of a sudden decided I wanted to put this on my table for Easter, this Carol Doak 8000 member block turned table topper went on the frame.

how to quiltHowever, once on the frame I realized I have no idea how I want to quilt it.  But since Easter is only 4 days away, I have got to come up with something, SOON.

one inner borderAnd, of course, this is still the Carol Doak mystery quilt with all the blocks sewn together.  Do you see all those points?   I love Carol but, oh those points.  Anyway, after I put the blocks together I cut the inner border fabric and got one side border sewn on.

I have to add that since this is Spring Break week for DH, I have had trouble staying in the studio.  He has had me out to eat (no problem there), out for some shopping as well as bringing me coffee so we can sit and talk. 
We also got our taxes completed so we can stop thinking about it.  For years I did them and waited until the last minute.  Now we have a really great lady who does them for us and it has taken all the stress out of April 15th.

view blockedI am getting some rest.  I took this picture last night, right after climbing into bed.  I slid under my Easy Street quilt, turned on the TV for a restful decorating show, looked up and what did I see?  Ms. Murphy, planted not only in front of the screen but also in front of the remote sensor.  And does she look like she is prepared to move?  Not until she was good and ready.  Fortunately she strikes me funny.

Have a great rest of the week,  Gari


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How do you like your HQ16? If I were to get a long arm, this has always been the one on my dream list.

Kate said...

Both of your Carol Doak projects are beautiful. That is a lot of points and they all look great!

Mary said...

Yup! No question about it. Kitties have supreme confidence in their self importance. Gotta love them, though.